Canadian Surrogacy Community has a strong connection with organizations in the community.  We work hard to build relationships in similar industries and work together to develop our “Families Building Families” philosophy.

Here is a list of women who are committed to making miracles happen.

“Behind every successful woman are other successful women who have her back”.

Amira Proser, Healing Infertility

Amira and her husband experienced secondary infertility.  After several in uterine insemination,  Amira conceived her twins through IVF.  It was her own personal experience with infertility that was the catalyst for Healing Fertility

Infertility isn’t just about medical intervention.  Her journey has taught her about the power of mind body connection and using our body’s intelligence to stimulate and nurture fertility.

Amira Proser is a Clincial Social Work with a private practice in Toronto Ontario.  She has a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Manitoba.  She works with individuals and couples who struggle with infertility.  Amira developed and now facilitates the Mind-Body Fertility Group and The Online Mindfulness Fertility Series. Amira is a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner. Amira is also a mother of 3 miracles.  She supports couples worldwide.



A mother of 3 and a Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience in reproductive health. Melanie has seen the joys, struggles and sorrows of family planning personally as well as professionally. She has held a variety of nursing positions ranging from an operating room nurse to nurse manager in some of the top fertility clinics in Toronto.

Her goal is to provide exceptional care by sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance to support you in creating your family.

Your IVF Nurse

Tessa Kampen

This is where you learn the proven system to setting and achieving goals to help you achieve more in 90 days than you have in 12 months. You also get daily teachings on Communication, Personal Development and Leadership.

We believe that everything rises and falls with leadership. No matter what business you are in or what job you hold, you will never hear anyone say they are struggling because they are being led by great leaders.

The only way to add value to others, is by adding value to ourselves first, and that is where personal development comes into play. Too many of us do not even realize our own potential, although we have no problem seeing the potential of others. This Academy will show you just how great you truly are.

We also believe that the problem with communication is that we think it takes place when in fact it doesn’t. We must develop those skills and by doing so, we will see a direct impact on our ability to reach goals and increase our financial well being.


Michelle Flowerday


Michelle is a Canadian lawyer whose practice focuses on fertility law (covering surrogacy laws and third party reproduction laws) and family law.

As a fertility and surrogacy lawyer based in Toronto, Michelle is a passionate and tireless champion for couples facing infertility, for gay and lesbian couples wanting to start a family, for single people looking to grow a family alone, and for surrogate mothers and egg, sperm and embryo donors assisting in the process.

Michelle’s expertise includes negotiating and drafting agreements related to surrogacy, co-parenting, egg, sperm and embryo donations, making court applications for declarations of parentage, step-parent adoptions and other legal issues related to third party reproduction.



Mompreneur® Showcase Group Inc. (aka Mompreneurs®), is here to support, educate, and empower moms in business. We are dedicated to bringing the businesses and talents of moms in business and female entrepreneurs into recognition for our collective community. Our network encourages and facilitates:

1. Connecting members to other women and businesses across Canada.
2. Providing affordable ways for female entrepreneurs to promote their businesses.
3. Advocating for female entrepreneurs and women in business both locally and nationally.
4. Creating an online presence for female entrepreneurs in one centralized location.

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Work with Sara

Sara Clarke is a multiple business owner, speaker, author and columnist. In 2018, Sara celebrates 20 years as an entrepreneur. She has over 20 years’ experience in business consulting and accounting. She holds 3 degrees, including Business Management and Bookkeeping degree. Sara is also a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide and she loves to share her knowledge through her blog Live Beyond Satisfied. Sara founded Martin Clarke & Associates in 2001, which she now oversees the operations. Sara is also the Chief Operating Officer of Mompreneurs®, an international organization that supports, educates and celebrates female entrepreneurs.

Sara Live beyond Satisfied