At Tripod Fertility, we will focus on your individual journey as we guide you through the experience of fertility treatment. With our state-of-the-art facility and resources, we offer many services including Immune Testing & Treatment. Be assured our inclusive and passionate team will be there to support you every step of the way.

Tripod Fertility was founded by Dr. Frederick Dzineku and his wife, Dr. Chloé Roumain. After many years of practicing infertility, gynecology, and obstetrics in both Montréal, QC and in Markham, ON, Dr. Dzineku and Dr. Roumain have teamed up with Dr. Marjorie Dixon to achieve their dreams of opening their own clinic. With a strong emphasis on innovation, inclusivity, patient support, and unrivaled success rates, Tripod Fertility combines the use of cutting-edge technologies and testing with a passionate team of professionals to provide patients with a positive, personalized experience. Whether it be for fertility treatment, gynecological or obstetrical care, patients of Tripod Fertility are guaranteed to receive excellent care and service throughout their individual journeys

Dr. Frederick Dzinku r1

Dr. Frederick Dzineku

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Dr. Chloé Roumain

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