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General Timeline for CSC Surrogates

All times are average based on previous journeys with CSC, but those times are subjective, depending on which clinic you are working with, where you are located and your criteria in finding the right match. All matches are decided on between Surrogates and Intended Parents.



4-6 weeks

  • Surrogate Application/Email Contact
  • Zoom Consultation
  • Continued communication on Social Media or Via Text or Email
  • Follow up conversations (phone/Zoom) with spouse/support system
  • Visit to family doctor/Pre-medical screening
  • Sign Surrogate Commitment Letter
  • Pre-psychological assessment (if required)
  • Creation of Surrogate Profile
  • Given Passcode to view all IP profiles
Finding the Right Match

Finding the Right Match

1-3 months

  • Review IP Profiles and select Top 5 to engage
  • Your Surrogate Profile is sent to these Top 5 IP’s
  • Initial Contact made by IP’s and Communication Begins
  • 30 Day Mandatory Foundation Building Period
  • Officially Matching with Intended Parents
Laying the Foundation

Laying the Foundation

3-6 months

  • Clinical screening (sonohysterogram, ultrasound, infectious disease panel, meet the doctor)
  • Full psychological screening with qualified professional
  • Legal surrogacy contracts completed with independent legal representation
  • Legal/Psych letters sent and approved by clinic
  • Continued relationship building with Intended Parents
Making a Baby

Making a Baby

1-6 months

Timeline for transfer from Clinic (simple timeline/common medications below):

  • Baseline Ultrasound (Day 3)
  • Start Medication (Estrogen) (Day 3)
  • Lining Check (Day 13)
  • Start Injections (Progesterone) (Day 14)
  • Transfer of Embryo (Day 20)

Welcome to the 2-week wait! Feel free to pee on all the sticks! LOL

The Journey

The Journey

9 months

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy via bloodwork 2 weeks post transfer
  • Heartbeat confirmation at 6 weeks and growth check at 8 and 10 weeks
  • Transfer Care from Clinic to OBGYN or Midwife
  • Finish fertility medication at 12 weeks gestation
  • Routine Tests, Ultrasounds and Doctors visits
  • Birth of Baby
  • Establishing Parental Rights via Lawyer

Please note: All times are average based on previous journeys with CSC, but those times are subjective, depending on which clinic you are working with, where you are located and your criteria in finding the right match. All matches are decided on between Surrogates and Intended Parents.

Surrogate Next Steps

After submitting an application and doing a video consultation with CEO Angela Truppe, it is now time to move forward with medical screening.

  • Make an appointment with your family doctor. We have sent you medical requisitions for the bloodwork, and urine drug testing we need. You can print off a copy and give it to your doctor and have them fill it out so the results get sent to them. We will need a note from a physician stating height, weight and blood pressure with the recommendation that you are able to pursue a surrogate pregnancy. You also need a pap within the last year. If you have one, please ask for a copy of that report. If you need a new one, please ensure your doctor can do one and will send the results. It is important you have an updated pap for your own health. (Please Note: Birth records may be requested by the fertility clinics at the medical screening phase)
  • Read and Sign the CSC Surrogate Agreement.
  • Then, we need 10-14 amazing photos of you. The photos should showcase your personality, friends and family, and anything fun you want to share. Then take the time to write three medium-sized paragraphs: ABOUT ME: Tell us about who you are, talk about your spouse and/or children, where you are from, your values, hobbies, and your life in general. Talk about yourself and whatever you want to say to help people get to know you.
    WHY SURROGACY: This is a good place to give a short summary about why you’ve decided to move ahead with surrogacy. It can be as personal as you want. Be as candid as you want. WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY TO POTENTIAL INTENDED PARENTS: This is simply a chance for you to say how you would feel to carry a surrogate child for one of the five couples that you have chosen to read your profile. Tell them what kind of communication you would like and the type of relationship you are hoping for during and after. It’s a personal piece and means a lot to the intended parents who read it.
  • Your profile will be created by our graphic designer once we have all the pieces from you.
  • You will then have access to all Intended Parent profiles to review. You will select your top 5 profiles and we will send your surrogate profile to them. Your email will be on your profile so IPs will contact you directly to start the conversation. From there you can decide however you want to communicate with each couple after that. In the following weeks, you will get to know each of these Intended Parents and hopefully you will connect with one of them and you will feel comfortable saying “IT’S A MATCH”! Then we will begin the next big steps on your surrogacy journey with the fertility clinic.

Want to start a program?

At Canadian Surrogacy Community our IPs and Surrogates feel comfortable as they embark on a journey to become a family. Our customized programs provide a step-by-step plan including one-on-one supportive consultation and detailed communication ensuring you feel restful while we coordinate making your miracle come true.

Why choose us?

We set standards for how surrogacy should be approached in Canada. Founder, Angela Truppe sits on an Ethics Committee with a team of professionals in the industry to ensure that the decisions made within her program are above reproach and do not compromise the integrity of her clients. The team at CSC are always striving to offer the best resources, guidance, and support through every step of the process.

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