The phrase Women Empowerment has intimate meaning for everyone. Honouring the strength in being a woman is a lifelong path marred with challenges. We have all too often followed social constructs that told us who we should be, how we should act, what we should look like. For generations, our mothers and Grandmothers had to squeeze into a norm that may or may not have been who they were. But this is the generation of growth and understanding. Each of us has our own inner strength and the ability to shine. Women Empowerment runs deeper than we can imagine.

As a dynamic, female entrepreneur myself, I desire connection with business women who are like-minded and want to encourage others to break boundaries.

Our Women Empowerment page was designed for just that. We can cross promote with affiliate businesses and or find a perfect marketing opportunity to reach a specific demographic. Targeting anything baby, pregnancy, unique giftware, and fertility services and products, we believe that aligning with businesses that can provide more for our clients is key. We want to showcase what  you have created.

For women who become surrogates, we share their stories for others to be empowered to reach out to us and find out more about surrogacy. The courage and strength it takes to create life for someone else, is an act that defines us as humans. We believe they are the change in this world. Take a moment to read who these powerful women are and honour their stories.

Crystal Leochko
Crystal Leochko, Founder/CEO Fertility Blooms

Crystal is a CEO and recently launched Fertility Blooms, which provides clients personalized emotional, physical or informational support. Check out her profile here.


Melanie Mitchell
Melanie Mitchell

A mother of 3 and a Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience in reproductive health. Melanie has seen the joys, struggles and sorrows of family planning personally as well as professionally. She has held a variety of nursing positions ranging from an operating room nurse to nurse manager in some of the top fertility clinics in Toronto. Her goal is to provide exceptional care by sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance to support you in creating your family.


Michelle Flowerday, Canadian Lawyer
Michelle Flowerday

Michelle is a Canadian lawyer whose practice focuses on fertility law (covering surrogacy laws and third party reproduction laws) and family law. Michelle’s expertise includes negotiating and drafting agreements related to surrogacy, co-parenting, egg, sperm and embryo donations, making court applications for declarations of parentage, step-parent adoptions and other legal issues related to third party reproduction.



Surrogate A

“After deciding to become a surrogate, I talked to a few different agencies. Angela was quick to respond, being very friendly and approachable through a video chat. When I decided to go with Canadian Surrogacy Community, Angela sent multiple IP profiles, helping me match with my couple.

Check out more surrogate testimonials here.


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