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Kate's Story

I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Angela and the Canadian Surrogacy Community though a dear friend.  I had always been interested in being a surrogate but never knew how to go about it.  I was blessed with two beautiful children of my own and was heartbroken to watch others struggle or be stripped of the ability to create a family of their own.  Angela was wonderful and so supportive.  She walked me though the whole process and provided ongoing support throughout the entire journey.  Any questions I had she was there to help me answer.  Anything from a great tea to drink for the nausea to explaining to me multiple times what each drug is for.  The Canadian Surrogacy Community is such an imperative part of the surrogacy journey for both the surrogate and the intended parent.  Without Angela and her team so many of us would not have found our perfect match.  Thank you CSC for your tireless support, compassion and love you provide to this community.  You truly make dreams come true.

Kate - Ontario

Justine's Story

The first time I spoke with Angela was when she was on her birthday when she was on vacation. The fact that she took the time out of her day to chat with me and explain how her program works made me very appreciative of her right from the start. After that conversation I knew I wanted to be a part of her community to help bring a baby into this world for another family! Angela has always been there to answer any questions (day and night), offer guidance and support, and to ensure the process is going as smooth as possible. I’m 9 weeks pregnant with a belly buddy and I have nothing but positive things to say about Angela and her amazing team!

Justine - Ontario

Marcie's Story

I am now on my 3rd journey with CSC. Highly recommend. It is wonderful to have a personal relationship with Angela. Whenever I have a question or concern, she is only a phone call away.

Marcie - Ontario

Andrea's Story

“I knew I had wanted to be a surrogate, but as a transplant to Canada – I wasn’t sure where to begin. I reached out to several different agencies, but only Angela took the time to figure out my situation and how I could become a surrogate. From the onset it was an easy relationship – Angela was like an old friend to talk to, and the process went smoothly under her care, even in the face of a micromanaging clinic. We suffered a loss, and she was right there every step of the way with arranging care, being a shoulder to cry on, and providing support when we were ready to take next steps. There is no better powerhouse you would want by your side through a journey like this. Angela really does bring you into her family in order to help you make someone else’s family a reality.”

Andrea - Ontario

Chantale's Story

“Angela is the woman that made this all possible! So much respect for this wonder-woman! She has 4 children of her own, 2 step-children AND, get this, she also gave life to THREE surrobabies. When I signed up to be a surrogate, it was so overwhelming since I didn’t know too much about it; just that I wanted to do this. I had quickly spoken with a few other agencies. When Angela reached out to me after filling an application out on her website, well… that was the end of that. She was so welcoming, easy to talk to and very resourceful! She bends over backwards for her IPs & Surrogates. I didn’t think about the community at all when I initially started this. For me, it was helping someone have a child. But it’s soooo much more than that! We have an amazing community of surrogates that have your back through thick and thin. The good, the bad, everyone is there to support you and this makes Canadian Surrogacy Community different than other agencies.”

Chantale - Ontario

Kait's Story

“What an amazing experience this surrogacy journey has been all thanks to all of you at CSC! With the countless amount of gifts and the answer of a phone call for any advice, it was absolutely amazing! It made the whole experience so easy and fun! Honestly, the care packages we received make me want to do it again and again! Thank you so much I enjoyed all of it! I also would like to mention how helpful all the other surrogates were that are on the private CSC Facebook group. One post and within seconds you have tons of other woman there to help you understand what you’re going through or have the answers to all the questions you have. I can’t wait for next time!”


Kait - Ontario

Amie’s Story

“After deciding to become a surrogate, I talked to a few different agencies. Angela was quick to respond, being very friendly and approachable through a video chat. When I decided to go with Canadian Surrogacy Community, Angela sent multiple IP profiles, helping me match with my couple. Sometimes I felt like distance was a challenge, as I am in Saskatchewan, but very quickly it didn’t make a difference.

I’ve seen the company grow into an amazing community in the last couple years. I’ve been given more support opportunities, such as meeting other surrogates at a retreat! I feel incredibly lucky to have had a successful journey, and to have met like-minded women along the way. “

Amie – Saskatchewan

Rikki’s Story

“Angela has been such a wonderful help through the beginning stages of my second Surrogacy journey. She goes above and beyond for not only her Surrogates but their Intended Parents as well. I am very excited for all of the near future milestones I will be going through with Angela and Canadian Surrogacy Community. There is nothing better than a supportive group of women all wanting to change lives together.”

Rikki – Ontario

Kara's Story

“Deciding to be a surrogate was easy; deciding who I wanted by my side for it all was hard. You want someone determined, supportive and ultimately someone who can be your friend. Then I met Angela; she was a breath of fresh air, her love for helping others through surrogacy is truly incredible. She went from someone I barely knew to someone who came across Canada for my wedding. Her devotion to her surrogates and her Intended Parents is inspiring. When those pregnancy hormones hit Angela is there to vent to and always lends a shoulder to cry on. She changed my life forever.”

Kara - Manitoba

Lisa's Story

“Why did I choose to work with Angela? Well, she’s a woman who knows herself well and puts her emotions aside to do the very best job she can – for her donors and her surrogate, but also has the very best intentions for her IPs. Unlike some of the other agencies I’ve worked with, CSC values ethics, honesty and respect above making money. Now that’s something I value! Angela is fair, dedicated and tireless. No matter the time of day or night – she answers the phone, email or text. Simply put – she’s amazing! So the real question is – why are you still reading this review? You should have already signed with this agency!”

Lisa - Ontario

Victoria's Story

“When I first decided surrogacy was something I wanted to pursue I felt overwhelmed and confused by all of the ‘agencies’ and ‘coordinators’ out there. Even the abbreviations and acronyms were frustrating and confusing. I wanted someone I could trust and who would walk me through every step of the process. Angela came recommended to me by a former surrogate and mutual friends. I knew the first time I met her that she was genuine and cared and was everything I was looking for to help guide me along my journey. There was never any pressure and she always answered my questions thoroughly and quickly. Using appropriate resources and ensuring communication was top notch. She gave my spouse and I support and guidance not only through the beginning stages, but ongoing as the journey progressed. Angela made it a point to make sure I was respected and comfortable at any appointments or pivotal points we have experienced so far. I am grateful for Angela’s keen ability in helping me match with my wonderful IPs. I feel we are an excellent match as they share similar values and characteristics to my spouse and myself. So far our journey has been excellent and the best is yet to come!”

Victoria - Manitoba

Christine’s Story

“I was first introduced to the founder Angela in April 2016 when I inquired about becoming a surrogate. Angela was very informative about surrogacy and there was no pressure at all to become one. After making the decision with my husband to become a surrogate and filling out the application form, I heard back from Angela quickly that I had been approved! She soon made me up a profile and then soon after that I was being sent Intended Parents profiles (which I very quickly found the perfect match). Through all the ups and down that come along with being a surrogate, Angela has always been very understanding, patient, helpful and most of all she is an amazing listener. I couldn’t imagine going through this journey of being a surrogate without her by my side as a huge supporter and now a very close friend.

Christine – Manitoba

Sarah's Story

“Being an experienced surrogate I thought I knew what it meant to be with an agency. I knew the agency was there if I had questions or needed a referral. I didn’t expect much more than that. Angela isn’t an agency. She’s a loving human being who is genuinely passionate about surrogates and their journey. She has been with me for every step of my journey. Speaking up for me and helping me figure out what to do. I tend to shy away, or concede when I’m unsure, Angela makes sure I am confident and comfortable. Having her in my corner makes for a completely different journey. It’s obvious that she cares deeply for the people she helps, and I am incredibly grateful to be at the beginning of a new journey with her. “

Sarah - Ontario

Mazyline's Story

“Where to start? I guess I will start right from the beginning of my journey. I met Angela over the phone. She did my consultation for another agency I first applied with. She was kind and helpful. We hit it off right away and she was always there to answer any of my questions.

My journey started. It was a very rough one. I was matched and then hit a bump in the road. My Intended Parents backed out. I was devastated and Angela was there to pick up the pieces. At that time she was no longer helping with support services at the other agency. She supported me as a friend. Shortly after, she decided to start her own agency.

After my heartbreak when my match ended, I took some time to re-evaluate my journey. Angela was very supportive throughout the whole process. The owner of the other agency was not kind, nor was she helpful. In fact, she was very rude and unsupportive, which is why I ended up leaving that agency and moving forward with Angela. She answered all my questions and yet I was undecided about moving forward with another journey. Angela waited patiently to see what my decision was. She never pressured me or hounded me with questions; she was just supportive. Choosing her agency was the best decision I ever made in this whole process.

I am now matched. I am 19 weeks pregnant with my surrogate baby. It’s been a wonderful Journey so far. She was amazing and she helped me find the right couple. She has supported me in doctor’s appointments, paperwork, and anything that I needed to know. Knowing she was a surrogate twice, made me feel comfortable. I knew she could understand everything I was going through. I feel that I wouldn’t be so happy with my wonderful Intended Parents if it wasn’t for her. I am honoured to be her first surrogate through her program. She is a wonderful women and she knows her place in this world. She is bringing people together to make this world better. She is creating families. I am only thankful that I get to be part of her own journey in life helping other people through this experience.

I know she is a wonderful woman and she is going to do great things for the people who need her help creating their family.”

Mazyline - Ontario

Shaunessy's Story

“I had already decided that I was going to be a surrogate before I had even contacted Angela. Our first chat went great and she answered all my questions and then even set up a call to include my husband so that he felt comfortable with the process. Full disclosure, I was not sure about Angela. She was passionate, knowledgeable, honest and organized but ……she was VERY outgoing and I am NOT. I let very few people into my inner circle. I am fairly private. Socializing is not something I enjoy. However after a few days of mulling it over, I decided that this journey was for me to step out of my comfort zone- to push myself to be uncomfortable. I knew that putting some of my fears aside and opening myself up to new experiences was the only way to do this. So I took a deep breath and jumped in with both feet and arms waving! I made it through the agonizing matching stage where I connected with many wonderful couples and felt overwhelmed by the stories of intended parents from across the globe and wondered how I would come to match. Angela was there to remind me to go with my gut and to trust myself. Then when I went for screening I knew I would be going alone. I had matched with intended parents from Europe. But Angela drove down and spent hours waiting with me in a clinic lobby and kept my nerves under control and saved me from boredom. Then transfer time came-again Angela was there. And when the first transfer failed and I needed some support, not only was Angela there but a whole community of amazing women were there to help lift my spirits. A community that she built. A community that I am proud to be a part of. Now, having just had a second transfer, there is no doubt that I chose the right agency. I look forward to the year ahead and know that whatever bumps may happen along the way, not only does my agency have my back but some amazing new friends do as well. And that’s a great feeling.”

Shaunessy - Ontario

Kelsey’s Story

“I connected with Angela from CSC about 1.5 years ago when I began inquiring about surrogacy. She welcomed me with open arms and began sharing all of her knowledge as well as connecting me with other surrogates. She has been an amazing support no matter the time of day. She is continually going above and beyond to ensure her surrogates and IP’s are thriving and happy at whichever stage of the journey they are at! She has created an incredible community of men and women who continually support and encourage each other every step of the way! I am so blessed to be apart of the CSC community ❤️”

Kelsey – Manitoba

Courtney's Story

“Infinite gratitude to Angela and Canadian Surrogacy Community. As a surrogate that had a damaging experience with a previous agency, I cannot adequately put into words how much Angela has improved this second experience. Through the matching process, she understood how vulnerable of a stage this is and took careful time and energy to help me match with a couple I jive with so beautifully – which is so incredibly important. Although our journey has been a bit slower than others, she has taken the time to ensure I am always comfortable with the process, and I have the information I need. Thank you, Angela, for being the cheerleader on the sidelines, and the crutch when we need it. This journey wouldn’t be nearly as effortless without you by our side. “

Courtney - British Columbia

Why choose us?

We set standards for how surrogacy should be approached in Canada. Founder, Angela Truppe sits on an Ethics Committee with a team of professionals in the industry to ensure that the decisions made within her program are above reproach and do not compromise the integrity of her clients. The team at CSC are always striving to offer the best resources, guidance, and support through every step of the process.

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