Rikki Lenahan

Social Media Liaison 

I am 30 and a Mom to two beautiful, loving little girls and an angel son. Currently I am blessed to be on my second surrogacy journey and I run an online beauty business on the side from home which I love. I’ve always had a big interest in technology and how it can help us in sharing our passions with large groups of people. 

I love being an advocate for all things Surrogacy. It didn’t take long for me to gravitate towards Canadian Surrogacy Community as they share the exact values and support I feel is important in this industry. i love photography, making videos and bringing them to life, so creating fun, informative and inspirational social media around surrogacy is a huge part of what I am passionate about. I absolutely love meeting new people and hearing everyone’s different life stories. Surrogacy has become a big part of my life and I love to inspire others with my stories any chance I get.

I gave birth to my surrogate twins in 2016 and it was one of the very best experiences of my life. I am excited that I get a chance to experience that again with Canadian Surrogacy Community and hopefully help bring more awareness about this incredible way to create a family. I’ll be helping Angela with all social media planning, creating posts, and advertising. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts will be managed together by myself so I can build fluidity around Angela’s program.