Surrogate Retreats


As part of our support process for our wonderful surrogates, we host retreats where the ladies get to play games, relax with spa treatments, eat funny cookies and spend lots of time in the support and comfort of the community. It’s always a great time and the ladies leave feeling refreshed and supported during their journey.

Births at CSC are a heavily celebrated event! Here you can find the galleries from some of our miracles and we hope to post many more in the future.

IVF Transfers & Screenings

Maternity Happiness

The medical part of surrogacy is never the fun part, but Angela tries to keep everyone smiling and make the process as easy as possible. She accompanies IPs and surrogates to appointments for screening and IVF transfers to help alleviate the stress of the unknowns. It’s all part of support services and an expectation she has of being there every step of the way.

Pregnant bellies, ultrasound pictures, and positive pee tests, all equal so many happy Intended Parents. Angela encourages surrogates to document their journey and be proud of the choice they’ve made. The community of women through CSC have a group they can all share the milestones of their pregnancy for other new surrogates to admire and aspire to.

Surrogate & IP Fun

Angela’s Family

Relationships are what CSC stands for. The program is designed for people to come together, help one another and build a lifelong friendship that lasts past the journey. Angela believes in the pride of such a sacrifice and has grown to respect and adore each one of her surrogates in a unique way. The same goes for each IP that comes to her for help. She values the time she spends getting to know them all.

Angela’s family is the backbone in who she is. She feels it’s important for people to know who she is as a Mother, a woman, and a strong voice in surrogacy rights. Her family has been behind her every step of the way. Her kids have always been part of her surrogacy journey and they are a part of her surrogacy company. She doesn’t hide behind a computer and a professional profile. This is her in the open for all to see.

My Surrogacy Journey

Angela’s journey began way back in 2012 when she found Frank online in a surrogacy chat group. She invited him for dinner to meet her family and the rest is history. Two beautiful boys later, she is so proud to be able to call Frank and Norm dear friends, and Luca and Nico call her Auntie Angela. Now she embarks on a third journey for a new couple, Kate & Chris, and hopes the experience is just as remarkable as the first. Life is about making a difference where you can. Out of her favourite poem comes this quote – “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. Every day she strives to be powerful enough to make change for others.