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Angela Pickering

Founder & CEO/ Project Manager

Angela began Canadian Surrogacy Community with a big vision and a big heart. She is a three-time surrogate, and a Mom of her own four children and two step children. Her life partner and her are deeply committed to family and are now becoming foster parents. Angela is embarking on her third journey as a surrogate and spends her work days taking care of surrogates, and Intended Parents, and connecting with new dynamic women who align with the values of Canadian Surrogacy Community programs. After almost four years in business, Angela has established successful programs and is now thinking creatively into how she can add even more value to what is offered at CSC.

Angela and her team has found joy and authentic connection through public speaking, and networking with other moms. Being a surrogate is a huge commitment and one that Angela speaks about openly. We protect the integrity of our programs by doing due diligence with everyone who applies. While the team wants to help create as many families as possible, we are not willing to compromise the foundation of CSC or ethics to do so.

But who is Angela? What drives CSC’s CEO is to get up every morning, juggle family needs, write a weekly blog, balance a busy work schedule that can change at any moment, and still cultivate a deep sense of self and personal growth? Once she reaches a goal, she’s on to the next creative wave. How does she stay high energy, while staying in a calm and centred place of patience and empathy?

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Melanie Mitchell

Egg Donor Intake & Surrogate Nurse

A mother of 3 and a Registered Nurse since 1998. With over 15 years of experience in reproductive health, Melanie has seen the joys, struggles and sorrows of family planning personally as well as professionally. She has held a variety of nursing positions ranging from an operating room nurse to Nurse Manager in some of the top fertility clinics in Toronto and has worked closely with some of the best
reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialists.

Melanie was Angela’s nurse when she first became a surrogate. Angela recognized instantly the personal touch Melanie brought to her patients. Years later when Angela began her agency, she ran into Melanie at a fertility clinic she was working at. They reconnected and stayed in touch.

The concept for Your IVF Nurse came to life after Melanie witnessed many clients overwhelmed with confusion and frustration, after meeting with health-care providers and feeling they were unable to spend additional time and receive the individualized care they were seeking. Her goal is to provide exceptional care by sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance to support you in creating your family.

Angela wanted Melanie to be a consultant for her company and now they work closely together to ensure the standards of patient care for both egg donors and surrogates are above reproach. Melanie is available to answer any questions Intended Parents may have and does all Egg Donor intake consultations.

Melanie has held senior management positions which have allowed her to have the opportunity to spend additional time with clients and recognize the concerns many face during this often difficult yet delicate journey. She is dedicated to helping put clients on the right path when consulting with their physicians and nurses, whether that be knowing what questions to ask and discuss other options available to them. Melanie wants every client to feel fulfilled during the cycle, and provide comfort in knowing that they are not alone. Providing support and confidence that they have done everything they could have done or asked.

Melanie is the bridge between clients and clinics. At CSC we want everyone to feel like they have a voice and a support system that puts them first. Melanie is our way of providing additional support to our programs.

Over the span of Melanie’s nursing career, she has participated in the Merck Nursing Educational Board, which enabled a networking & learning opportunity for nurses working in the field of Infertility, Toronto Pride Week, Dykes Planning Tykes/Daddy’s & Poppas within the LGBTQ community. She has also had the opportunity to speak at Pi Beta Phi; Ontario Chapter at the University of Western Ontario as well as presented at the Canadian Fertility Andrology Society (CFAS) on the Nursing education day. She participated in a steering committee comprised of fertility expert nurses, which led to presenting the ABC’s of ART supported by EMD Serono to assist in the education of newer fertility nurses to the field.

Amelia McFarlane

Business Administrator

Amelia is the newest Business Administrator who works besides Angela to help the office run smooth. Her day will be busy responding to emails, answering the phone, clinic meetings, package/contract preparation and much more. Previously Amelia has been in various management roles in the customer service field. She is excited to start her career with Canadian Surrogacy Community. “I’m excited to get to know everyone and I can’t wait in helping to make experiences memorable for everyone involved”

When Amelia isn’t busy running after her rambunctious toddler, she enjoys cuddling up on the couch with a cup of hot coco and a good movie. Amelia has played bagpipes for the past 12 years and it’s taught her patience and perseverance. They have also allowed her to travel all over and meet many amazing people in life. Amelia is also a huge advocate for mental health awareness and Autism.

Agatha Wisniowska

Intended Parent Coach

Agata wants to live in a world where we eat dessert first, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force field around her keyboard that repels cats and sticky-fingered toddlers. As a serial career changer, she’s work in NGOs doing International Development, is a certified Montessori Teacher, Makeup Artist and a Developmental Specialist for people with disabilities. She is a regular contributor to a RV travel magazine, her brain works in pictures and videos which ultimately lead her to creating a YouTube channel for when she and her husband after many years of infertility decided to pack up their bags, change their life and RV full-time, three months before this little virus took over the world. In that time, they finally asked themselves the big question, and said “yes” to an independent surrogacy journey with a friend who had a long standing offer to be their surrogate. Agata is now a mom of baby boy and fur-mom of two four legged children who remind her every day that, yes, walks are still necessary.

Agata has always been open about her struggles with creating a family on her travel Instagram and even blogged about her first round of IVF (the blog is still up!) While surrogacy may not have been the original plan, she strongly feels things happen for a reason, and “baby T” chose this path (surrogacy) for her to become a mom this way for a reason. She’s now answering that call by being the Intended Parent Coach at CFC with the goal to bridge the gap of communication between IPs and our agency and being IPs cheer team.

When she’s not writing, or creating her next video project, you can find her running bare-foot in grass or chasing the sunset with her camera to take a picture of it for the eleventy-bajillionth time. She’s walked more than a mile in your shoes and is thrilled to be part of the CSC team and part of your village as you journey on the path towards parenthood.

Veronica Bertelsen

Ontario Surrogate Enrollment Coordinator

Veronica is a mom of 2 beautiful children and loves every minute of parenthood. As a Customer Service leader and advocate, Veronica has worked in a variety of industries, with many different teams, with the goal of helping people to help people.  She has spent her career learning and teaching others how to service customers and helping them to feel heard.

After seeing the struggle of friends and family members, who wanted to but were unable to have families of their own, she slowly discovered and learned about the surrogacy and fertility industries. Although she wasn’t sure how it all worked, she knew she wanted to help. Veronica then met 2 women who both had been egg donors and Surrogates and they were more than happy to answer her questions and point her in the right direction. With some further research, and now equipped with more information, Veronica felt the call to help.

In September of 2018, she started on her own journey to becoming a surrogate for a couple who have struggled for more than 10 years. After they connected, received clearance, and signed contracts they quickly jumped in to start on their journey together. Their first IVF Transfer was in December of 2018, however, sadly the first embryo transfer did not take. They reviewed their IVF protocol and made new plans to try again. This led to a 2.5-year journey together with 4 unsuccessful transfers, the creation of new embryos, and doing much of this while living through a pandemic. However, in December of 2020, they tried again (lucky number 5) and finally got the exciting news they had all been waiting for! The 5th transfer was successful, and Veronica is currently pregnant with a surrogate baby and due at the end of August 2021. She and her intended parents are all extremely excited and cannot wait to meet the baby boy who they all worked so hard to bring into the world!

In April 2021, when Veronica saw Angela was looking for someone to join The CSC Team, she was excited to reach out and jump into the new role of Surrogate Recruitment Coordinator. She teaches others about Surrogacy by bringing awareness through social media and answers questions for anyone interested in knowing more about this amazing gift of helping others. Angela and Veronica clicked immediately, and they both knew they wanted to work together. Veronica’s spitfire personality and zest for life makes her a perfect fit for the CSC program. She values communication and relationships and is eager to help share her experiences with other women in hopes of showing them how rewarding surrogacy can be for anyone who wants to truly give back to the world.

Lisa Scott

Egg Donor Support Services

Lisa is a mom of two boys, an advocate for women and a Métis woman. She has been working in Indigenous social work for more than a decade and is passionate about women’s rights, indigenous reconciliation, and third-party reproduction. Growing up in a small town and working within her own community as a professional later in life has afforded Lisa many opportunities to reduce stigma, provide education and increase societal awareness and expectance of surrogacy and Egg Donation. Lisa speaks openly and with pride when sharing her own experiences in the reproductive sector. She advocates for acceptance and normalization of all different family structures and creation stories.

Lisa is an experienced egg donor and gestational surrogate. Having been blessed to work with several Ontario based clinics and even a few state side agencies, giving her the extensive experience to be able to support both egg donors and surrogates throughout their journeys.

Lisa met Angela met 8 years ago in the surrogacy world and they developed an immediate connection, which led to a fast friendship. Lisa leaned on Angela when she carried her first set of multiples, as Angela was a mom to her own set of twins. This support and connection fostered a continued relationship between them. Angela and Lisa were a part of a German Documentary about Egg Donation and Surrogacy called M(Other) together. Lisa has been an egg donor with Angela’s agency which resulted in twins through surrogacy.

Lisa’s life and professional experiences have allowed her to develop strong interpersonal skills specializing in counselling, peer supports and healthy relationships – including domestic violence. She knows the Egg donation and Surrogacy process well and has had the opportunity to be a part of the first third party reproduction policies and procedures with London Health Sciences Center.

Lisa is working with Evolution Eggs to provide support to all the registered donors. She will be doing check-ins and support calls to all donors every three months to ensure everyone on the donor registration is ready and able to move forward and that all the medical information is always up-to-date. She will be a mentor for other donors as they go through the process to help a couple in need.


Why choose us?

We set standards for how surrogacy and egg donation should be approached in Canada. Founder, Angela Pickering sits on an Ethics Committee with a team of professionals in the industry to ensure that the decisions made within her program are above reproach and do not compromise the integrity of her clients. The teams at CSC and Evolution Eggs are always striving to offer the best resources, guidance, and support.

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