I am so very proud to have a unique and amazing group of people working with me to build Canadian Surrogacy Community. They understand what my goals are and what I stand for as we move ahead to grow and branch out to help new miracles happen. Each person brings a set of skills in their field that helps me improve the overall mind-set of teamwork and support. I look forward to many years working together to create a new supportive community.

Angela Peeters



I have been blessed to have four wonderful children – Madelyn (9), Twins Emily and Carter (7), and little Cole (5). We live in a small community called Exeter, Ontario. Our household is an organized chaos and I love watching their little personalities unfold. Being a single Mom and a conscious parent to busy children has brought its challenges, but my life has been forever changed by the miracle that they are. I couldn’t imagine my life without them bustling around me. It’s this pure joy that originally brought me to surrogacy and ultimately to create my own consulting firm to help others.
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Pam Scott

Accounting Manager

In June of 2016 she became the administrator/bookkeeper for the company. She is also Angela Peeters’ youngest sister. As a mom of two VERY busy boys, Tyler and Ryan, who are five & three years old, she understands the dynamics of raising a family. Pamela is 33 years old and has been married seven years to her husband Joel and resides on a farm in Nairn, Ontario. She works with Angela a few days a week to help her keep things in order…
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Stacey Haggerty


One day early January 2012, I was scrolling through the posts on the London Multiple Births page when a post about a survey caught my eye. This mom needed a number of surveys completed for a university course that she was taking and had put it out to our group. I responded and did the survey for her and we began to chat online as a followup. After a bit of that, in true Angela fashion she says “Can I call you?” and we ended up on the phone for over 2 more hours. Thus a wonderful friendship was born…
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Tia Schultz

Graphic Designer

Tia Schultz graduated from the Graphic Design Program at Fanshawe College in 2000. Since then, she has worked in her field as a graphic designer in fast past environments for 15 years. After becoming a mom of a beautiful daughter in 2015, she decided to stay home and open up her own business, Creative License Design Studio. She is innovative, fast and efficient in all that she does. She has creative control in designing the monthly newsletter for Canadian Surrogacy Community…
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Christine Villeneuve

Surrogate Support

As a gestational surrogate to twins in 2009, and an egg donor in 2016, Laura understands the intricacies each of these women face. She resides outside of Belleville with her military husband, and two children. She is a strong advocate for the emotional and physical health of both donors and surrogates. She was first introduced to CSC through her egg donation recipients, immediately gravitating toward Angela’s vision, and has jumped at the chance to join the CSC team…
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Melanie Mitchell

IVF Nurse Coordinator

A mother of 3 and a Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience in reproductive health. Melanie has seen the joys, struggles and sorrows of family planning personally as well as professionally. She has held a variety of nursing positions ranging from an operating room nurse to nurse manager in some of the top fertility clinics in Toronto…
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