We are one of Canada's leading IVF and Fertility Centres with among the highest pregnancy rates in Canada.  With decades of experience, a state-of-the-art laboratory facility, personalized care and advanced fertility treatments such as IVF, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A) and egg freezing, we can offer you an excellent chance of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Olive Fertility Centre

Olive Fertility Centre is committed to providing fertility treatments that are patient centred, safe, effective, efficient, timely, and equitable.

We aspire to provide the highest quality care services to our patients, to continually improve our care, and to be recognized as the best fertility clinic in Canada.


Olive's mission is rooted in patient centred care.  Patient centred care is Creating a Culture of Care.  Providing patients with an experience that makes them want to stay with us and recommend us to others.  Engaging the hearts and minds of those we work with and those we care for.  Examining all aspects of the patient experience and considering them from the perspective of patients.  A collective commitment to a set of beliefs about the ways patients will be cared for, how leadership will support staff, and how staff will nurture each other and themselves.


Gestational Carrier Program

Gestational Carrier is an arrangement in which a woman (the carrier or GC) carries and delivers a child for another couple or person, called the intended parents. In Canada, the Gestational Carrier must be altruistic. Payment of a GC is prohibited.

In order to become a GC at Olive, the GC must:

- History of an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery (born at term)
- Over one year since last delivery
- No history of post-partum depression
- No longer breast feeding
- Non-smoker: if recently quit must be > 3 months
- Under 40 years of age
- BMI under 35: BMI >32 decreases pregnancy rates

Once a gestational carrier is identified, they are screened to be sure they are healthy and psychologically ready for the process. If the screen is reassuring, then a legal contract is completed and a subsequent embryo transfer performed.

Olive Fertility Gestational Surrogacy Profile

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