Melanie Mitchell

A mother of 3 and a Registered Nurse with over 15 years experience in reproductive health. Melanie has seen the joys, struggles and sorrows of family planning personally as well as professionally. She has held a variety of nursing positions ranging from an operating room nurse to nurse manager in some of the top fertility clinics in Toronto.

Her goal is to provide exceptional care by sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance to support you in creating your family.

Canadian Surrogacy Community is excited to welcome Melanie to the team as a consultant for both surrogates and Intended Parents as they go forward with their journey. Melanie handles clinical files for CSC in order to offer a better support service for all clients.

Melanie was Angela’s nurse at First Steps Fertility when she was a surrogate and Angela knows first hand the personal touch Melanie brings to everyone she helps. Angela wants the same for all her surrogates in the program.