Medical Guidance


Your IVF nurse explains all about PGS and PGD. What are they? What does it mean? How does this impact the embryo and is it a good idea?

PIO Injection

RN Melanie Mitchell shows surrogates how to do a PIO Injection properly - step by step. Canadian Surrogacy Community is proud to have Melanie as part of the team.

My Two Dads - Your IVF Nurse

A look at how a gay couples can begin their journey into parenthood. There are programs available in Toronto, ON to help guide you and provide options for clinics, agencies, egg donors, etc. Melanie talks about the many safe and reliable ways to approach surrogacy.

Ontario IVF Funded Program - Your IVF Nurse

What to Expect on the Day of your Egg Retrieval - Your IVF Nurse

Watch an embryo transfer from the start to finish with Founder/CEO Angela Peeters