Marcie Smith
Marcie Smith, Online Support Worker

I am a single mother of one. My family is small but fierce. Donovan (my son) came to me very early in life (2006). However, that just means we get a longer time together. We are the typical outdoors family. We love camp fires, hiking, and exploring. We spend our free time doing what me love with those we love.

I am a Registered Childhood Educator. I have been employed by the same company for the last 7 years. My life has always involved children.

I recently delivered my first surrobabe, July 2018. I have spent countless nights trying to piece together the right words to describe my journey. The truth is, no words can describe how amazing it was.


I met Angela in 2016, before CSC was up and running, before the birth of her last surrobabe. She was the first contact I made while looking at different surrogacy agencies. The first time we chatted a relationship developed. I was sold. She was down to earth, genuine and completely transparent. I dig that. A few years had past and I decided I was ready to begin my first surrogacy journey. I contacted Angela, and our friendship blossomed.

I have witnessed her business flourish. She is a very proud business owner, who has built CSC as a one woman team. I am beyond excited and honoured that she has asked me to be part of her team.