Michelle Flowerday

Michelle Flowerday

We are a full-service Canadian fertility and surrogacy law firm whose practice focuses on supporting and guiding intended parents, surrogates and donors through the complex process of creating a family using assisted reproductive technology.

Michelle is a Canadian lawyer whose practice focuses on fertility law (covering surrogacy laws and third party reproduction laws) and family law.

Your legal partner on the journey of life. 

Lisa Feldstein

Lisa Feldstein Law Office helps family caregivers navigate the health care system, and helps people build families through third party reproduction.

Helping clients create & protect their families

Reproductive law (sometimes called fertility law or surrogacy law) is a complex area of law that governs assisted human reproduction.

Lawrence A. Kahn, QC

We're a full-service law firm providing legal advice in a wide range of practice areas. For over 40 years, we have helped thousands of clients, solving their issues with a distinct human connection.

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