Welcome to the online profiles of some of Canadian Surrogacy Community’s Intended Parents. We invite you to read about these amazing couples who are choosing surrogacy as their path to building a family. They joined our program to help them find an amazing woman like yourself, build an ongoing relationship with whoever they connect with, as well as be able have a personal level of support they could need throughout their journey.

For potential surrogates: As you read through these profiles, we hope that you feel that spark of connection that will help you begin one of the most amazing life journeys – the path to building a family through surrogacy. Please contact Angela directly at angela@surrogacycommunity.ca if you would like to speak to any of these amazing couples and see if you are a great fit for the program here.

Our Support Team:

We want you to know that we are looking to have an amazing journey, and one way to ensure that was to engage the help of Angela and her team at Canadian Surrogacy Community. We believe that having a strong sense of belonging, friendship and community will help enormously at building the foundation to an amazing surrogacy journey together. Finding the right surrogate is so important to us and we have set up a support system in order to help us foster a genuine and lasting friendship with this special woman.

We want you to know that you will never be alone during this journey. Along with us, Angela and her team will assist in coordinating all of the necessary steps to help you along the way. Someone will always be there with you. You will have access to full support team and even an IVF nurse for any questions or concerns with the medical side of it. Also, through this community, you will develop strong bonds with other surrogates as you get to know them through online forums, personal connections, local meet ups and retreats that include surrogates from all over Canada. The bonds of sisterhood you will create with these women will last a lifetime.

We also hope that by providing the strength of a full team behind you, that you will feel empowered and confident in this journey. We want you to feel heard, cared for and supported. We want you to know how truly special this relationship is to us. We genuinely want our friendship to go beyond this journey and extend into the future with you becoming a part of this family we’ve created together.

Canadian Surrogacy Community is a place where we want you to feel at home. We want you to be part of this community and most of all, we want to do this together.

Tatiana & Suhaib

I really think there is an empathic person out there that is willing to help couples who’s circumstances didn’t give them children on their own. When I stepped the first time into a fertility clinic and I heard about mother/surrogates, I thought for sure there wasn’t many women who would do this for someone. It must be hard to give your body and feelings to somebody you barely know and to grow their child that you know will not live with you. But please know that we are well-rounded, happy, kind and very honest, loyal and trustworthy. Our surrogate will be part of our family and will be treated with the utmost care and respect. I really hope there is an amazing person out there who would want to speak with us and get to know us more. Warmest wishes!

Jane & Terrance

If you choose to join us on this journey as our surrogate, this story will unfold with the help of you and your family, and we will want our child to know the amazing people who made it all possible. Throughout the pregnancy, we would be interested in the many daily details, hearing about how you are feeling, the medical appointments and ultrasounds; this is the part of the journey we have never had a chance to experience yet! If we live within traveling distance and enough of a connection develops, it would be wonderful to be able to spend time together. If we don’t live within easy traveling distance, through the years you will be an important part of our child’s birth story and we would like the child to be able to meet you and your family at some points during their childhood. In any case, we would make every effort to have some ongoing contact as the child grows up, regardless of distance, if that is something you would welcome.

Dan & Elad

Your choice to give this huge gift to people who are strangers to you is incredible. We will be very happy to meet a woman who is willing to do such a thing. We strongly believe in partnership, communication, and building relationships. We will be very pleased that our relationship will deepen as the process progresses and want you to become a part of our life in the future if this is something that you desire. We greatly appreciate your choice and we intend to support you throughout the whole journey. It is important to us that you feel safe and relaxed. We will be happy to talk and communicate at any time to and provide you with all of your needs.

Jörg & Aurélien

We are now hoping for you to help us make our dream come true. We understand the huge gift that this represents and are amazed that you are considering giving it to someone. We would love you to become part of our and our future child’s life. We hope you become part of our family as our childs’ “Canadian aunt” or “Canadian godmother”. We dream of visiting you and your family with our kids in Canada for holidays and having your family visiting us and our kids in Europe. We hope, you feel like you want to get to know more of us. We would be thrilled to have the chance to chat with you.


Wow. What you are doing is beyond incredible! You are giving such a gift to people who want nothing more than to parent but haven’t had that opportunity. That’s me. I will put everything into being the best parent I can be.
I hope to be close with you during this journey and beyond. I hope that the bond I know we’ll share lasts forever and instead of being friends, we’ll be sisters! Please know that if you choose me, I would love for you to be a part of the child’s life as much as you’d like.

Ulf & Matti

We would love our family to grow and wish to have a third child. The only option we have as a gay couple in Sweden is surrogacy. As we have done in the past, we plan to be in touch with our surrogate throughout pregnancy. We will make our best effort to meet during the pregnancy, with one or both of us hoping to travel to Canada. Alternatively, we are happy to welcome our surrogate to Sweden. We will visit Canada a few weeks prior to the due date to be both present for birth, and to get to know our surrogate better. Once returning to Sweden we hope to stay in touch. The frequency will depend on how much our surrogate wishes to stay in touch. We hope our future child will meet our surrogate, and perhaps become friends for life!

Christine & Dick

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but for some, it also takes a village to create a child. Our village is one filled with great friends, whom we adore, and loving family and community, who are praying and hoping that one day we will be gifted with the joy our heart’s desire; becoming parents. We are missing a key person in our village and that is a beautiful souled, selfless and loving woman who is ready to help us create our family.
If you are interested in joining a village and hearing more about ours, please do reach out and connect, we’d love to hear from you.


There is that expression “it takes a village to raise a child”. In my case, it might take a village to make one.

I know that I am very privileged to even be able to consider something like surrogacy. To be a surrogate is an extraordinary act of kindness, sacrifice and even love. I can hardly put into words what a gift it would be, the gratitude that I would feel, the eventual joy that I would experience if my journey would have a happy ending, after all. A lot of people have been part of my “village”, from reproductive endocrinologists to lab technicians to counsellors, the sperm donor with the beautiful smile whose name I don’t even know, family, friends, even strangers. Now there is Angela and CSC, and hopefully, you will be the final piece of the puzzle.

Joan & Pablo

We know that the fact we are living in Europe and you in Canada, will not be the easiest way to keep us in touch as much as we would like. But nowadays luckily thanks to technology we will be able to do so regularly. We would like to attend important appointments and be given updates on how our baby is doing via Skype or FaceTime. If possible, we would love also to be in the room when our child is born and be present in that memorable moment. However, we believe that you should have equal say in how this process goes. It means that you know best what is the best for you during this period and we really want to feel comfortable discussing our needs to make this a positive experience for you and your family.

Shay & Hannes

We strongly believe that an amazing woman who would willfully give the gift of life to our baby out of such a pure and loving place is also the one who would deliver the right emotions to it. We know that the unborn baby can feel you and listen to you during the pregnancy, which is why we believe that you would essentially shape it’s very first foundation as a human, for which we would deeply and eternally be thankful for!
To us, doing this journey together with you means that our bond goes way beyond just the pregnancy. When we think about this, we imagine a relationship for life. During the pregnancy, the little we can do in re-turn for you, the woman who would give us the most precious thing in our lives is to take care of you and make sure that you have the best possible conditions, safety and comfort, which is why we, for instance, picked a highly professional and successful fertility clinic, which always puts safety first.

Rene & Steve

We hope we can share this pregnancy together and remain in contact after birth. We hope to develop a warm and friendly relationship together with you and your family during the pregnancy. We want our child to know about you and how generous you are. Our child will be told of the incredible compassion and goodwill between two families that resulted in our child’s birth. Who knows, maybe we will be an extension to each other’s families, as there is never too much love to go around. We would have an unending love and respect for our Surrogate mother and her family. You will heal our hearts and bring so much joy and laughter to our home.

Gavin & Moritz

Ideally, we would like to have a close relationship with our baby’s surrogate, and welcome her and her family to remain a part of our children’s life, if she/they desire. That being said, we do appreciate that some surrogates prefer not to become as closely involved in the life of the child or children they will carry – it is something we are open to discussing. Ultimately, we know it is important that we, our child’s surrogate and her family all speak openly about respective needs and preferences and build a relationship of honesty and trust with open lines of communication.
Thank you for reading this profile, but more importantly, for considering undertaking this incredible journey, be it for us for another family. It is such an amazing gift!

Stephen & Daniel

In all honesty, what words can we even say to someone who is literally going to give us the world? Words cannot express how grateful we are to even be involved in this process. To work so closely with so many beautiful people who are all in it for the same reasons – to bring new life into the world out of pure love and joy – what a simply unique and truly special gift. Earlier this year, sadly Steve’s mother passed away. All she wanted was to be a grandmother and we have a very firm belief that she has had a part to play in making this whole journey possible for us. Everything has aligned, the timing is perfect and we are surrounded by the most beautiful and supportive family and friends anyone could ask for. We cannot wait to add a whole group of new people to our family through the Canadian Surrogacy Community.

Benoit & Yannick

The gift that you are about to give in helping someone building a family is incredible. We would be so lucky to make this journey with you. We cannot wait to know you. Making this journey together would for sure result in a strong and unique bond between you and us. We would be there for you during the complete journey and hope that we will be able to build a strong relationship based on trust and sharing; somewhere you could feel safe and peaceful. We like to think of you as the fairy godmother of our child. We will make sure that you are part of his life and that one day he will understand the magical gift you made.

Anita & Vikas

We both have a strong circle of friends that have been with us since childhood. We have had the joy of watching our friends’ families grow over the years. We are a very active aunty and uncle to the children in our lives. Our family and friends have shown us the true meaning of Love and Family. We feel fortunate that our children will have so many warm and wonderful people to love and learn from. Relationships may begin with magical courtships and weddings but, are sustained by hard work and commitment. Over the past seven years, our dedication to one another and to our shared values of commitment to work, family, friendships and community have only strengthened our bond. We look forward to extending that circle of love to include children.