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For Potential Surrogates: Enjoy browsing through a small snippet who each of our Intended Parents registered with our program. As you read through these initial IP cards, we hope that you feel that spark of connection that encourages you to begin one of the most amazing life journeys – the path to building a family through surrogacy. We invite you to submit an application and find out more about our programs. Once you pass full medical pre-screening, we will give you access to view all the full profiles for our wonderful Intended Parents. To see if you qualify to be a surrogate, click here: Surrogate Application

For any additional information please contact, admin@surrogacycommunity.ca

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We believe that having a strong sense of belonging, friendship and community will help build the foundation to an amazing surrogacy journey together. Finding the right match is so important in the beginning and we have a specific system for providing an unprejudicial safe space to allow opportunity for Surrogates and Intended Parents to find each other. We help everyone foster a genuine and lasting friendship as they begin this rollercoaster ride together.

We want you to know that you will never be alone during this journey. Angela and her team will assist in coordinating all of the necessary steps to help you along the way. Someone will always be there with you. You will have access to the full support team and an IVF nurse for any medical questions or concerns. Through our programs, we hope you develop a strong sense of community that lasts long past your family-building years. We hope that by providing the strength of a full team behind you, that you will feel empowered and confident in this journey.

A & J

Location: International
Age: 44 & 40
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 4 5-day Embryos

We need you

It’s hard to explain how you can miss someone so much that doesn’t even exist. Our story started 6 years ago with a cancer diagnosis and continued with the loss of our first two baby girls. Even the joy of the birth of our daughter was tainted by the loss of the ability to carry any more children. We are in seventh heaven with Greta, but we always feel there is someone missing. We still have hope for the miracle that will bring us a happy ending, but this miracle is calling for a very special and kind woman who understands and wants to be the hero of our story.

A & K

Location: Canada
Age: 34 & 38
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 18 embryos, 6 are PGT-A tested

We need you

We met over 7 years ago at our favourite coffee shop and hit it off. We have been in a deeply caring and loving relationship since. We are lucky to complement each other in many ways and are committed to overcoming the challenges life puts our way.

After exploring the process of surrogacy for some time, we are over the moon to have 18 successful embryos that were gifted to us by an incredibly wonderful donor. Six embryos are PGT-A tested and waiting for a loving and caring human to grant us our wish for a little bundle of joy.

If you’re reading this, and even if we do not end up being a match, we want you to know that we value your strength and self-sacrificing spirit. It takes a lot of courage, love, and compassion to help others in need. On the other hand, we sincerely hope you will be this wonderful person who will help light our hearts with the same joy and happiness that every new parent experiences by assisting us in this journey. We also thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us and we eagerly look forward to discovering and embracing this extraordinary person that you are.

C & C

Location: Canada
Age: 38 & 41
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 11 day 5 Embryos

We need you

Hi, we are C and C, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to learn a little bit about us.

So…….Where do we start? We guess this is kind of like speed dating online… so we’ll go first. We met almost ten years ago, playing recreational sports which originally led to two years of friendship and we started dating in 2014, fell in love and we eventually married in 2017.  It was a dream come true – as if written in a fairytale!

Yet quite a lot happened within those first few years of knowing each other, that challenged us, but ultimately made us a much stronger couple.  In 2016, C received a cancer diagnosis that would dramatically change the path we were on.  After learning we would not be able to get pregnant the “good old fashioned way”, we turned our efforts to surrogacy.  Thankfully, a friend of ours offered to help us and be our surrogate, and in 2019, we welcomed our beautiful son, B into the world.  It was, without a doubt, the most incredible gift we have ever received, and we are beyond grateful to her for sharing that journey with us.  Because of that friend, we quickly learned that sometimes the road less-traveled leads you to the best place.

We’ve always wanted to have a big family, but our desire for a sibling journey now has grown even more because of B.  Not only do we want B to have someone to share his experiences with throughout life, but we also want him to have someone else in his life who shares his unique story with him.  We feel a sibling could relate to him in a way that no one else can, and we think that is very special.  B has now become the focus/drive for this journey, and we would love for you to check out our profile to learn a little more about us from his perspective. He has a lot to share!

We’re sure you probably feel a little overwhelmed at this stage, but we can do this together! We think it’s amazing that people like you help to create families like ours.  You give us hope that there is someone out there who is willing to help us continue our fairytale journey. Thank you – not only for reading about us, but also for the incredible gift you are giving a family.  You are changing lives in the most selfless, generous and incredible way.

D & M

Location: International
Age: 35 & 31
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 10 day 5 embryos (8 PGT-A tested)

We need you

Hi! Nice to meet you! First of all, thanks a lot for taking your time to read through our profile. We are D and M, a German/Italian couple living in Bavaria, Germany, right next to Munich and just an hour away from the alps. We have been together 5 years and got married the summer of 2021. In our spare time, we are very lucky to share many interests and hobbies, as we both enjoy skiing, biking, and sailing as well as cooking. Moreover, we love to travel the world and to meet new cultures and countries as often as possible.

Given that we are both coming from big and close families, spending a lot of time with our family and friends has always been very valuable for us. This is also why starting a family of our own has been very important for us since the beginning of our relationship five years ago. As both of us became godfathers over the last years, the desire to find our own family has become ever bigger lately. However, as there are no regulations for surrogacy in our country so far, we reached out to Canada to start this exciting journey.

It is very important for us to be transparent to our future child about the whole process. Therefore, we would also love to embark on this journey with a surrogate who is also open to meet our child in the future. So far, we were very lucky to have a lovely known egg donor who helped us to create 10 embryos (8 PGT-A tested).

We would love to get to know you and are looking forward for a first chat!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication and generosity that helps intended parents to complete their family.

All the best,

D and M

G & L

Location: International
Age: 35 & 37
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive Care
Embryo Status: 8 embryos (6 day-5 and 2 day-6)

We need you

So, this is it!

The moment we’ve been expecting so much: when we finally get a chance to connect with you. This has already been such an adventure to get this far, and we know that the future still holds so much more… Probably some waiting, maybe a few bumps on the road (not too much, hopefully!), but also loads and loads of breathtaking surprises, amazing time, and great memories. In the words of our amazing egg donor: “this is tough, but so are we!.”

We would like to start by the main question: why are we trying (so hard!) to find a surrogate in Canada? We absolutely love the fact that the whole process is altruistic! It is so important for us to have a human connection with every person involved: Angela and her team at CSC, Sarah our incredible egg donor, and of course YOU, our future surrogate. We value and care about all of you, and we are so grateful for the chance to meet and connect with such incredible, powerful women.

Here’s a small story that tells a lot about us. Having his family in Italy, Luigi goes out of town a few times a year. When he does, Guillaume sleeps bad because he hates being alone. So, to help him feel his presence, Luigi will always leave some sweet words on a post it, hidden somewhere. It can be on the bathroom mirror; it can be under the pillow… All the notes are now kept and stored in our wardrobe, so that every morning we can see them when we get dressed. When Guillaume decided to propose, you’ve probably guessed it already… it HAD to be on a post it!

We just want our child’s life to be filled of love as our current life is. Luigi’s parents split up when he was younger and Guillaume’s family history hasn’t always been perfect neither (although things are much better now). That’s why it was so important to us to build a loving and stable home before welcoming a child, and we think that we did that just fine. We are blessed to be surrounded by great friends and both our families are eagerly waiting for the chance to love our child.

G & V

Location: International
Age: 34 & 34
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive Care
Embryo Status: 18 frozen embryos

We need you

Becoming parents is one of those dreams you fear will never become real, especially when you’re gay and live in a country where only heterosexual couples are allowed to adopt children and surrogacy is not even an option. But since the limits to our happiness are often only in our heads, we rolled up our sleeves to make the impossible come true and finally came here, looking for you! So let’s tell you something about us.

We are G and V, a 33 year old Italian couple of guys who happen to be born just a day apart! We live just outside the city of Rome, in a quiet area surrounded by woods and lakes. We’ve got two lazy cats, like traveling, making home-made pasta and pizza and share our time with the people we love. We both work in education, G as a teacher in middle school and  V as an educator with children with disabilities.

We’re convinced that surrogacy is not only about “people helping people”. It’s more like creating long-life connections between families. Among the thousand things we don’t know about what life after being parents will be like, one thing is certain, being that Canada will be our second home and our child will grow up aware of the amazing journey that brought him/her to life.

There is so much we’d like to tell you, but we hope you’ll enjoy our profile and the video we made for you!


Location: International
Age: 39
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive
Embryo Status: 8 Embryos

We need you

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m originally from Bulgaria, a small and beautiful country in Eastern Europe and I now live in the wonderful city of Stuttgart. As a civil engineer I’m used to planning ahead and thinking of all eventualities. This gives me the confidence that I’m going to provide my child all the love, care and time it needs. I love history and architecture and am combining that with my passion for travel and different cultures. I’m also an avid dancer and music lover.

I was raised by my very loving family who are the reason for me to want to have one of my own. Personal relationships and harmony are very important to me and I am pleased to say that I have developed a close friendship with the egg donor, with whom we’ve created 8 excellent embryos. I desire a meaningful connection with you as well. So if by reading this short paragraph I have caught your attention, I’d love to speak with you, get to know you and start this wonderful life-changing journey with you!

I & T

Location: Canada
Age: 31 & 33
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 6 PGT-A tested embryos

We need you

Girl meets boy, they fell in love, they got married, girl got sick and now they need your help… Hey there! We are I and T. Please let us say thank you for taking the time read our IP profile and shake your hand virtually for the first time (our dog Pepper will jump up and give you a virtual kiss).

Our story begins in 2015 thanks to Cupid—OkCupid, that is—where I messaged T first because of a fantastic jacket (yes, he still has the jacket). We fell in love, got married in September 2019, and enjoyed our favourite things in life: camping, cooking (we’re both huge foodies!), badminton, and board games.

We knew all along that we wanted to start a family. We would talk about it while we were dating and have names already picked out. But after years of trying, we consulted with our fertility doctor. As it turns out, Isrene had stage 3 cervical cancer at the age of 30. It fundamentally changed our plans, but we are strong and we don’t give up easily!

You, a person so generously and unselfishly willing to offer your assistance for people you don’t yet know, are already a saint in our eyes. We will always be open-minded and flexible and provide all the support you want and need throughout this journey. Whether it’s early afternoon or 3 a.m., you can always count on us! It would be our privilege to share every special moment with you, from first steps and first words to birthdays, graduations, and everything in-between. All of it.

We can’t image how difficult this decision is for you, choosing from so many deserving candidates. We want to wish you all the best on your surrogate journey, and we are grateful that you read our profile. We hope we would get the opportunity to have you as part of our journey. Thank you so much.

J & X

Location: International
Age: 39 & 35
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive Care
Embryo Status: 11 five-day embryos

We need you

We are Joan and Xavi. We live in Andorra, a small country located in the middle of the Pyrenees, between Spain and France. Our country is beautiful, surrounded by nature, mountains, snow, fresh air, roads, lakes, Romanesque churches, and history, lots of history. But unfortunately, we are not lucky enough to have regulation about surrogacy, as in Canada. That is why we have traveled to you to make our dream come true.

We have turned to surrogacy, and therefore to you, in order to make our dream come true. Since we met more than four years ago, we both knew we wanted to create a family. We both grew up in homes where family is the most important thing. We can’t imagine a life where we don’t create a family as in the Andorran culture, family ties are strong, and children grow up surrounded by the love of extended family. We are surrounded by the noise of children all the time. We have many nephews, nieces, friends’ children, and whenever a pregnancy happens, we love to be a part of it. All these children would be a part of baby’s life.

JP & A

Location: International
Age: 46 & 41
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 4 PGT-A tested embryos + 7 more embryos untested

We need you

Our wedding at the city hall in Paris, France. «Famille» = family = children. We didn’t know we would ever be able to get to this point as same sex marriage had been illegal in France. To be recognized as equals in the eyes of law with the right to married and have a family, that was our will, as any other French citizen.It was possible for us to create a family now wish to fulfill on the one piece missing. That is a child and to be parents. With that, let us help you get to know us a bit better, so when we do speak, we can genuinely connect and form a lifelong relationship with you, as this is our wish as well. JP and Arnaud = Our love story.

Being the youngest of the family, JP became an uncle at the age of 12 because his siblings had 9 children overall. Before it was possible to dream of having a family, we worked in professions where we could make an impact. JP through teaching students and Arnaud through nursing. It was one way towards acceptance. Tending to patients, caring for them and JP enthusiastically filling his students with knowledge. After everything changed, Arnaud’s desire was becoming crystal clear, to have a family. No one in his family had any children. From there, our mutual desire to have a child grew to where we are now, writing to you today.

We became excited at the idea of the new options available to us, talked to friends who had gone through the surrogacy process, opened our hearts to a child and decided to move forward choosing Canada as having a meaningful connection is important to us. Plus, we have a long relationship and love story with Canada, but for that you’ll need our whole profile!

Projecting ourselves in a possible life where our dreams may become true. A surrogate may choose us one day, maybe you will choose us, and a new family will blossom. A decision that will be a radical shift for us, starting a collaborative relationship and teamwork with you.

What is next?

What you will become in our family pattern is something we will build together, as a long-term relationship, just like ours. We are convinced that we will be good parents and able to bring support, care, health, and education to our child with a strong friendship community background to grow up in France. Some of our best friends who had their children, a few of them via surrogacy or in-vitro fertilization. By choosing us, we are certain that our story will not end there. We want to build this story with you in the long term, because we want to tell our child his/her/their story, our story including you and your commitment, kindness, and generosity.

K & G

Location: International
Age: 35 & 39
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 8 Embryos

We need you

We are looking for a smart independently minded woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and set us straight (pun not intended) when it comes to how best to bring a baby into the world. We are looking for a woman who knows her own mind and what she wants even when we, the pesky parents, doubt her intuition. We are looking for a woman who loves life and doesn’t get offended when we buy her increasingly larger clothes and tell her that yes her baby bump does look big in that! Above all, we are looking for a wonderful woman who rises above life’s challenges with a smile and a solid sense of humour… because we are determined that you are going to have a lot of fun with us for the next 9 months and beyond!

M & S

Location: Canada
Age: 31 & 41
Fertility Clinic: Tripod Fertility
Embryo Status: 8 PGT-A tested embryos

We need you

Our love story is unique in the sense that we got to spend a majority of the first stages of our relationship during the pandemic lockdown. Being from different cities, this allowed us to spend every single day together when so many things were uncertain in the world. What remained certain was our love for each other and the mutual desire to have a family.

M is an Early Childhood Educator and has met so many funny, kind, and spirited children during his career as well as their families. S works for the federal government at the executive level making a difference in the ways to improve health and dental care across the country.

We are extremely grateful to whoever is reading this because it means that you are considering surrogacy and we would be over the moon excited if we had the chance to start our family because of you.

We would love the chance to get to know you more and discover our mutual quirks and qualities in common.

S & K

Location: Canada
Age: 37 & 35
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive
Embryo Status: 2 PGT-A tested embryos

We need you

“However motherhood comes to you, it’s a miracle”- Valerie Harper.

K lost his father at a young age and grew up in social services. It has always been his dream to be a father. S has always wanted children but unfortunately her medical conditions resulted in infertility and the inability to carry a safe and healthy pregnancy.

We are both self-employed and make a difference every day, S helping individuals with mental illnesses and addictions being a psychiatrist and K as a telecommunications specialist making communities safer. We are thankful that there are individuals out there like you that do such a beautiful thing to help people like us in need.

K is a dedicated, caring and determined person that brings out a smile in each person he meets. S is a warm, supportive, resilient individual who welcomes everyone into her heart and life. For us, family is everything. Family is community, kindness, dedication and most importantly, love. We want a chance to build our own family with these same values.

We are looking forward to holding and loving our baby one day. This has been a long journey for us but we will never give up on our dream of becoming parents.

We want to embark on this journey with you as a team and family. Your selflessness to bring a child into others’ lives deeply touches our hearts.

We can’t wait to meet you and your family!


Location: Canada
Age: 43
Fertility Clinic: Victory Reproductive Care
Embryo Status: 2 PGT-A Tested Embryos

We need you

I am a fun person who enjoys being active. I sing, dance, kick box, bicycle, ski, skate, swim, play underwater hockey. I have a good moral compass and am willing to try anything that is whole-heartedly fun and life affirming. My friends, teachers, workers and people from all walks of life really enjoy my light and company as I do theirs. I love to share my life and believe that togetherness in any activity or experience is always best. Is it not what makes life experiences most memorable? I have a beautiful daughter through surrogacy and I have a wonderful relationship with my previous surrogate. I hope to have another amazing journey with a new woman who can join our family. My surrogate would be someone my children and I would always hold near and dear to our hearts. You are forever special to us and we are so grateful to have you in our lives.

T & M

Location: Canada
Age: 49 & 41
Fertility Clinic: Create Fertility
Embryo Status: 4 day 6 embryos

We need you

We believe that this path of growing our family will create a strong bond between surrogate and intended parents. Since most people will never experience or understand surrogacy, it would make our incredible story so precious.

We enjoy entertaining our large family and friends and we would be honoured to have you be a part of our lives. There will be laughter, tears, pain, and joy but through it all we hope to make a lifelong friend in the process.  We realize that this gift of your body & mind can never be repaid but you will forever have love and gratitude from our family.

Are you struggling with infertility?

We understand that fertility struggles come at a cost to your emotional and financial well-being. We know that the last place you want to be coming is to us for help. Nobody ever imagines that they would need to ask a complete stranger for help to create their family. But without the dark, we cannot have light. Through surrogacy and egg donation we learn that the world can be a kind and selfless place, full of caring women who just want to help. Let us be the light in your dark.

Why choose us?

We set standards for how surrogacy should be approached in Canada. Founder, Angela Truppe sits on an Ethics Committee with a team of professionals in the industry to ensure that the decisions made within her program are above reproach and do not compromise the integrity of her clients. The team at CSC are always striving to offer the best resources, guidance, and support through every step of the process.

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