Asish and Krishneel’s Story

We have no words to describe our gratitude and happiness Angela and her work has brought to our lives. We still remember the initial days of researching to find someone who can support and guide us through the most important journey in our lives. We live in the US and we met with quite a few consultants and clinics here. What was lacking in those conversations was human touch. Everything seemed and sounded “very business like” and we were part of a business transaction. That didnt really sit well with us. Asish is a Canadian citizen and that when he suggested that we explore options in Canada. We did talk to couple of “reputed Canadian consultants” and we were like, “we are not sure”. Asish was friends with Angela on Facebook through one of the surrogacy support groups and she had posted something stating that she will be starting an agency to support folks who are looking to start a surrogacy journey.

We both love Angela’s energy and we are like, “lets chat with her and see how she can help us”. That phone call we made really changed our lives. From the very first “hello” till the last text message we got 10 minutes ago, she has remained the same supportive and hard working friend. Her experience and personal touch to everything she touches makes our journey so much more relaxing and exciting. She connected us to the best surrogate we could ever ask for. The way she matched us based on our personalities was just amazing. She has been a huge support to all of us and stayed close to us through phone calls, emails, FaceTime, text messages, etc, accompanied our surrogate to her appointments, always available to answer any questions we have regarding the process, appointments, etc. One thing we truly appreciate about Angela is her perfect balance of professionalism and sensitive approach to her work. The gifts she sends out to us from time to time after major milestones in our surrogacy is just so heart warming.

We are so thankful that we are doing this amazing surrogacy journey with our awesome surrogate with Angela’s support and help.

Lots of love.

Asish & Krishneel – California, USA

M & P’s Story

“It is difficult to put into words how Angela has impacted our lives. Angela introduced us to our adored friend and surrogate.  She has walked with us every step along the unique, challenging and rewarding path that is surrogacy. Angela has played a vital role in providing 24/7 support to us as well as our surrogate. Given we live on the other side of the world (with important things happening in the middle of the night) this has been imperative. It has been a relief to know our surrogate is in Angela’s safe hands.”

Thanks to Angela, we are thrilled to be welcoming a son into our family this year – a little brother and friend for our eldest daughter. It doesn’t get more immense a gift than that. I am proud to enjoy Angela’s genuine friendship and care.  Together with our surrogate, we make such a fabulous team. As IP’s, we are so blessed. And what a blessed little boy to come into the world already so loved and cared for across the globe.

It is inspirational to witness someone live their true calling and build such a wonderful legacy by helping so many.

M & P – Melbourne, Australia

Anthony & Joey’s Story

Both Joey and l have a dream of becoming parents.

We both made the decision the time was perfect and it was now time to move forward with our dream. After intensive research into Surrogacy, long days and nights, weeks and months followed into our research. Joey and myself looked into various avenues and agencies.

After a few agency interviews via Skype we had found the perfect agency; CANADIAN SURROGACY COMMUNITY. Straight after our Skype call with Angela Peeters , Owner of Canadian Surrogacy Community, Joey and myself knew this was the perfect agency for us.

Angela was so informative, with no pressure for us to become clients and had all the time in the world for us and still does till this day, Angela during our very first initial Skype call was a charm, answered all our questions & never rushed us through our interview of endless questions we had to ask.

Within a short space of time Angela had our profiles complete and sent us profiles of egg donors and surrogates. Angela organized all our appointments with lawyers, counselors and every other aspect in moving forward.

We travelled to Canada for our screening in July 2016 and of course Angela was with us right by our side at the clinic. Angela worked around us and our travel dates to do so, not to mention Angela said, “Ok guys, l have an idea that l pick you up from Toronto and you stay with me for a couple of days.” A real surprise to Joey and l. We had so much fun with Angela and her kids. Angela treated us like part of her family and couldn’t do enough for us.

Angela has always stepped in for Joey and myself if need be, as we are of great distance being an international couple in Australia, no matter what time of the day. How impressive!

Angela has gone above and beyond being an agent & within our Surrogate Group Angela is supportive of us all: egg donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents. Angela treats us all as family & has a heart of gold. She has been nothing short of wonderful and amazing. The love and passion Angela has for the agency is outstanding.

We are well on our way with our journey, and are so blessed to have found our egg donor and surrogate through Angela’s agency.

Thank you Angela for all your help in making this dream become a reality.

Anthony & Joey – Melbourne, Australia

Jeremy & David’s Story

Not knowing anyone who could help us in Australia, we began researching other countries where surrogacy was altruistic and we were excited to find that Canada provides this. We were drawn to Canadian Surrogacy Community because of Angela’s story (in particular, having been a surrogate for a same-sex couple herself) and her advocacy work. We chose Angela because she is experienced and connected in the community, and yet small enough that her services are still personal and attentive, which is important for us as international intended parents. We also love the fact that she provides one-on-one support for our surrogate before, during and after the journey. Most of all we have found Angela to be a wonderful friend who lives and breathes surrogacy, and who will do anything to make her intended parents’ and surrogates’ journeys as smooth and as joyful as possible.

Jeremy & David – Australia


S & J’s Story

Angela came recommended by our very trusted fertility lawyer. We connected with her at a time in our lives when we felt incredibly vulnerable and lost but Angela quickly and compassionately guided us to our wonderful surrogate. We are so thankful for Angela’s commitment to both us and our surrogate.

– S and J