Her Helping Habit

When Katie made the decision in 2015 to become an egg donor for the first time she discovered that there was a lack of support, accurate and transparent information about the process let alone about known egg donation. She had to rely on her own research and only came across agencies that coordinated the transfer of funds between parties and matching services, but none that offered emotional support. This was the precise moment in which an idea was planted: to use her first-hand experience and professional knowledge as a registered Social Worker to create a space where women could receive education, consulting, and advocacy.

Several egg donation cycles later, Katie now works with clinics and intended parents throughout Canada and has helped dozens of women and couples on their journey to creating their families. Her Helping Habit prides itself on offering its services with honesty, respect, and transparency and delivers emotional support with care and compassion.

Empowering Women to take charge of their own journey to motherhood and into fulfilling womanhood.

Her Helping Habit
Her Helping Habit

Katie Paquin

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