As part of our support program for our wonderful surrogates, we host retreats where women gather together from all over Canada. They spend a weekend away getting time to connect, share stories, relax, spend time being creative and also have opportunity to learn. Every retreat is different, but each one is time spent in the support and comfort of this community and sisterhood. We are now encouraging Intended Parents to come join us for a day meet and greet, as these empowered women share with them what it is for them to embrace such a commitment.

Births at CSC are a heavily celebrated event. Here are the pictures from many of our miracles and we will continue to post the many more to come. With each baby born through Canadian Surrogacy Community, we recognize the many people it took to create that happy ending. We honour each struggle, each tear, each moment of joy as surrogates build their relationship with couples who desire more than anything to be parents. A baby in the arms of their family is the testament to all that courage and vulnerability.

Pregnant bellies, ultrasound pictures, and positive urine tests all equal so many happy Intended Parents and Surrogates. CSC encourages women to document their journey and be proud of the choice they have made. The sisterhood of women built through CSC is one of encouragement, love and support to share the milestones of their journey and for new surrogates to ask advice, admire strength and aspire to find a deeper meaning in their life. We love having all these pictures to showcase the miracles happening.

The medical part of surrogacy is always the most daunting part, but we try to keep everyone smiling and make the process as flawless as possible. We will accompany IPs and surrogates to appointments for screening and IVF transfers to help alleviate the stress of the unknowns. It’s all part of support services and an expectation that CSC has of being there every step of the way. Our IVF Nurse Melanie helps coordinate all the medical steps at the clinic and assures every one of their roles and responsibilities.

Building relationships and empowering women are the key ingredients to our mission statement. The program is designed for people to come together, help one another and build lifelong friendships that last beyond the pregnancy. We believe in the pride of such a sacrifice and have grown to respect and adore each journey in a unique way. We know that laughing, spending time with like-minded people, and supporting each other, are the ways to stave off the rough moments and keep the faith.

Part of spreading awareness within the community and beyond, is to be a part of many different events, podcasts and shows. This has been our priority this past year, because meeting people in person is important to showcasing who we are and what our surrogacy program was all about. We have met some of our amazing fertility partners this way. We are excited to continue our pursuit to share surrogacy and expand our community through our many new connections.

Angela’s journey began in 2012 when she found Frank online in a surrogacy chat group. She invited him for dinner to meet her family and the rest is history. Two beautiful boys later, she is so proud to be able to call Frank and Norm dear friends. Her surrogate babies, Luca and Nico call her Auntie Angela and know her to be the woman who brought them into this world. Now she embarks on a third journey for a new couple and hopes this experience is just as remarkable as the first two.