Michael Garron Hospital promotes LGBTQ inclusive environment

When same-sex couple Asish Purushan and Krishneel Lall decided to have their baby at the Michael Garron Hospital (formerly Toronto East General Hospital), it was because their surrogate, Mazyline McCarthy, insisted on it.

She’d had her own children there and said the place “felt like home.”

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Mom creates Canadian Surrogacy Community

This two-time surrogate mom is offering other options for parents who want to start their own families. It began with a vision and is now flourishing into miracles.

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Making a surrogate mother part of the family

In Less than two years, these complete strangers have grown into family of a new kind. Together they’ve created a miracle that will be a part of them all in a unique way.

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Why surrogates give the ultimate gift

Some women derive tremendous satisfaction from being able to bring happiness to the people they help become parents.

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The Donor Group interviews: Angela Peeters

Tell us about how you became a surrogate and made your vision of helping others become a reality as a full-time business.

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The New Family: A gay dad and the surrogate expecting his second child

How two complete strangers came together and made two miracles happen for one couple desperately wanting to be parents.

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Part 6: The New Family Tree

Some family trees have branches that grow in diverse directions, binding people together in ways that go far beyond the traditional notions of mother, father and child.

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Making a Baby

One Surrogate, two fertility clinics, tens of thousands of dollars, and some heartache. What do you get? Miracles.

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