To Our Fertility Community,

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly evolving. As such, our team is constantly reviewing the latest guidelines from our fertility clinics, Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society (CFAS) and our lawyers. As leaders in the surrogacy industry, we want to ensure we have a steady flow of information available to all our current clients and the potential ones who might be anxiously awaiting for news about applying.

Currently we are putting specific measures into place to assist with expectations with the surrogacy journeys we have active right now and for anyone who is worried about the ability to move forward with a new journey.

  1. All current clients can be reassured that we will be moving forward with any part of the process we can.
  2. Our team is still working every day. We are answering emails, sending referrals, and supporting all steps of the journey.
  3. All current pregnant surrogates will be supported online by myself, and or one of our team. We are unable to visit families at this time, or go to appointments, but we will be checking in every few days to make sure everyone has what they need.
  4. CFAS has recommended Fertility clinics NOT proceed with any new cycles at this time, so the majority of Canadian clinics have complied and are not doing surrogate screening, or beginning new cycles for donors or surrogates. We are uncertain how long these recommendations will be in place.
  5. Our preferred fertility doctors are still doing online video consultations for IPs and for potential surrogates.
  6. We are still accepting surrogate applications and doing online consultations and moving forward with the matching process when they are officially approved. This process may be slower than usual, because of the medical requirements we have, but we continue to work with new surrogates to move into the program.
  7. While other forms of the Coronavirus are associated with increased adverse outcomes in pregnancy, there is currently no reported cases of increased maternal morbidity secondary to COVID-19 in pregnant patients, nor is there any reported fetal complication. There are reported cases of mothers being infected, delivering babies free of disease.
  8. We have actively asked all our pregnant and non-pregnant surrogates to stay as safe as possible with self-isolation as much as they can.
  9. Canadian Fertility lawyers have announced that Immigration Canada has passed eight orders in Council and Global Affairs, even more. In the midst of this crisis, laws are being changed to allow parents to travel to Canada for the birth of their child. Essential travel now includes travel for family reuniting. All parents may apply for entry through an official process to travel for family reuniting and all have been granted permission thus far.
  10. We have temporarily suspended Intended Parent consultations until the middle of April. We will still be reviewing emails and applications and setting up a time later to speak.

As you know this is a constantly evolving situation, our team will work to keep you informed of any changes in guidelines. We know that these times are frustrating and emotional. We are doing our best to stay the course and continue operations to the best of our abilities, while we all personally manage keeping our families safe and helping with social distancing.

We are hopeful for the future and will be prepared when the guidelines allow us to move forward with new cycles. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Angela Peeters, Founder/CEO of Canadian Surrogacy Community

Angela Peeters
Canadian Surrogacy Community