Canadian Surrogacy Community Profile

Canadian Surrogacy Community was founded on the belief that compassion, kindness, and support should be essential in all aspects of creating a family through surrogacy. We have designed our programs to fit the needs of each person we help.

Through experience we are constantly evolving and improving our level of care. We understand the process can be difficult and we want to ensure everyone has a voice, and is respected for their unique story. It doesn’t matter how you came to surrogacy… it only matters how you move through it.

Our first steps are always to provide adequate screening for both surrogates and Intended Parents. Surrogates must provide a letter of medical recommendation to our agency from their health practitioner, that confirms blood pressure, height and weight and the acknowledgement that they’ve fully discussed surrogacy as an option for them. We also require a full pre medical screening, including a blood panel for infectious diseases, drug testing, thyroid, and any other pertinent tests at our discretion. This is all after an application is reviewed and at least one lengthy consultation is done with both surrogate and her husband (if possible), to discuss the entire process, and answer questions she may have.

Intended Parents are required to do the same application and consultation process, but also need to submit a criminal background check, a financial statement, and sign a contract of intent with our company. We discuss at great length the importance of building a relationship with their surrogate and how the “matching” process will unfold.

We are the advocates for the evolution of surrogacy in Canada. We empower you with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices. You have a voice. We are a community that values connection and communication at all levels. Trust us to walk with you on this miraculous journey of strength and perseverance.

We are families building families. We are Canadian Surrogacy Community.


Being a surrogate empowers you to love and respect your body on a deeper level for the gift it can give. There are many people who need you.
Be their forever change.


We help project manage the entire journey. Our programs are designed to cater to your needs. Ultimately our goal is the same – holding your baby in your arms.


The pain of infertility is real no matter what the reason. Let us answer all your questions, refer you to top professionals, and create a new path of hope. We are here to help.


CSC develops and fosters a surrogacy community, creates harmony amongst surrogates and their Intended Parents, builds relationships and provides ways to grow and develop those relationships.


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