Christina Tischler’s creativity awakened with motherhood

Christina Tischler is a jewelry artist who has been working with CSC handcrafting unique pieces for each of our surrogates.

Looking for a personal and meaningful way to thank her Doula, she experimented with hand stamping jewelry. This was 2010, and she’s has been exploring new mediums ever since, all while homesteading with her two vibrant daughters and husband in a village outside of London, Ontario.

All her designs take on organic connections, starting with the materials themselves.

Clay comes through her involvement with the London Potter’s Guild. Metal is obtained by bartering with a neighbour who works at a metal smithing shop. Leather, in the form of old horse tack, was discovered at a farm’s auction down the road.

She transforms these raw materials and gives them new life, new purpose. She leaves her unique mark, imprinting collected words and botanicals into surfaces. And hidden in each creation are other impressions: feelings of mindfulness, connections with the natural world, and a sense of peaceful empowerment.

Her designs honour a myriad of connections. They are gifts, intended to leave a mark on those you love.


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