Christine Villeneuve, Operations Manager

I am a single mother to four beautiful children with vibrant personalities – Cassidy, Colby, Owen and Mallory. They are my world, and it’s because of them that I decided to become a surrogate mother. I have helped create 2 families thus far, carrying twins born in July 2015 and a singleton born in August 2017. I am currently pregnant with a singleton on my 3rd journey. I have enjoyed working as a qualified occasional teacher for 10 years and am very excited to be a part of Angela’s team here at Canadian Surrogacy Community. I look forward to putting my experiences and passion for surrogacy to work in the coming years and meeting so many new and wonderful people along the way.

I grew up in Timmins, a small city in Northern Ontario and lived there nearly my whole life.

I completed my post-secondary education in North Bay Ontario. I received my diploma in Television and Video Production and then moved onto University where I received my Bachelor of Arts immediately followed by my Bachelor of Education. I then moved back to Timmins raise my family and work in the schools where I grew up. In July 2018, I made the bold decision to move my family to Exeter On, to pursue my passion of working in surrogacy with Angela here at CSC.

After the birth of my first daughter, Cassidy in 2002, I knew I wanted to become a surrogate mother. Fast forward 10 years and 3 more bio-children, I started on my journey to help create families. The road to surrogacy is not always easy, and mine proved to be challenging but I persevered and gave birth to perfect twin boys in July of 2015. I then moved onto my second journey in which I gave birth to a tiny, but healthy baby girl in August 2017. My third journey had a few initial bumps, but we were successful with the first transfer and I am due in October 2019 for my amazing IP’s. I have remained close with each of these families and am so happy that they now consider me to be part of their chosen family.

My whole life I have always been able to connect with people, it is something that I pride myself on. This has proven a benefit as I have grown into the woman, mother, surrogate and friend that I am today. I am excited to continue this exciting phase of my life with enthusiasm and anticipation for all that will come my way. I know that I will be an asset in many aspects of this community that Angela has so passionately begun.