Brianna Darbel

Brianna was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB and now lives just a short drive away in Oakbank. She enjoys the small town life with her husband, three young children, and two big dogs. Brianna became a surrogate when her sister thought she might need Brianna’s help Рin the end her sister was able to successfully carry a child on her own, but Brianna was still invested in being a surrogate for someone else! She met two amazing dads through a mutual friend, and the trio enlisted the help of CSC to guide their journey.

Brianna has been a DONA certified birth doula for six years, and recently took her Lamaze Child Birth Educator training. She is passionate about all things birth and baby, and now all things Surrogacy as well! She is excited to bring her knowledge and advocacy into the surrogacy world, supporting both intended parents and gestational carriers through this uniquely emotional time.