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Being an egg donor means giving a priceless gift to help an Intended Parent(s) create the family of their dreams. There are so many reasons why it is necessary for an egg donor to be a part of a journey. It can vary from medical necessity to helping someone in the LGBTQ community.

The impact of donating your eggs will send a ripple effect for generations. At Evolution Eggs we know it takes a special heart to offer a part of yourself to a complete stranger. We are here every step of the way to ensure you have full support, build a great relationship with the parents (if you choose), and learn more about your own genetic and fertility background in the process.

The Egg Donor Process

1. Apply to Qualify

Fill out our questionnaire form.  Your information is reviewed and if you qualify, you can proceed to fill out the detailed Intake Application.

This application will provide us your personal and family health history, which will be sent to our IVF Nurse Melanie Mitchell, for review and approval. This is also your personality profile and the first impression of you that our Intended Parents will see. Present yourself in a positive light so you have the best opportunity to help someone. You will see spots for uploading pictures with specific instructions for what kind of picture we are looking for (side profile, close up, etc). Please only upload good quality, high resolution photos.

2. Medical Review by clinical team

We have our IVF Nurse review all applications and she may consult further with our fertility doctors about any questions or concerns she has. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

3. Consultation with IVF Nurse

A call will be scheduled with you and Melanie to discuss your application, ask any questions, and to explain the entire procedure and process with you. This includes medications, reimbursements, matching, etc. At this stage you will let Melanie know if you prefer to be anonymous or known (she will explain what that means) and or no preference either way. Some Intended Parents have preferences, and we want to ensure you match with the right couple who is on the same page with you. All the expectations of your role and our roles as your support team will be explained.

4. Matching

  • Once your profile is active on the website, you will be available to match with Intended Parents. Please know that your information is always confidential, and Intended Parents must register with us and do their own pre-screening in order to view any full profiles. Your name will never be released without your permission, and we will always let you know if someone is interested in your profile.
  • We will have one of our Donor Support Workers reach out to you every 3 months to ensure you are still active and available. If anything with your status changes in the meantime, we ask that you please let us know asap. It is incredibly important that our database be accurate and up-to-date so IPs don’t choose someone that is not available.
  • Sometimes this phase will seem like a waiting game. Getting chosen to be an egg donor doesn’t always happen quickly. You may sit on the database and never get chosen. We want to be transparent about expectations with our donors. It can happen quickly, or it could take a long time.
  • We expect good communication and a way to always contact you quickly. Building relationships is what our programs are about. It doesn’t matter if you want an anonymous donation or not, we want to know who you are, and we value your choice to help our IPs. We project-manage this process for you, so it goes smoothly and your health is always the first consideration. We are here to support you through each step.
  • Once Intended Parents choose your profile, we will always discuss if you want to move forward with them. It is important that you feel this match is a good fit for you. You always have equal decision-making rights to choose your IPs.

5. Medical Appointment

Once a match is approved by all parties, we will send a match sheet over to the fertility clinic and begin organizing your medical screening. The Third Party Coordinator & doctor will connect with you for an appointment to discuss and order the following:

  • Introduce themselves and discuss the process and protocol
  • Blood work for infectious disease, hormone levels, and genetic testing
  • Ultrasound of your ovaries

It generally takes a month to have all the results back. We expect that within a month of matching you will organize all the appointments to do the testing ordered. We understand everyone gets busy and life can throw curve balls, but we want donors who are committed and once you agree to the process, we want to know you are moving forward in a timely fashion. This is where good communication with our support workers and nurse will be important.

6. Counselling & Legal

  • All agreements between an Egg Donor and Intended Parent must be drafted by one of our fertility lawyers and reviewed by a separate lawyer to ensure both parties are represented and given proper legal advice. The contract will outline the responsibilities and rights between donor and the Intended Parents.
  • A counselling session is scheduled with one of our preferred social workers for both parties to discuss the commitment and intent of everyone involved. A report will be sent to the agency and the clinic to allow them to move forward.
  • A legal agreement is essential for the benefit and protection of everyone involved.

7. Medication Cycle & Monitoring

  • The fertility clinic nurse will send you a protocol and explain all medication instructions and make sure you fully understand exactly how to administer your drugs. If there are any questions along the way, Melanie will be available also for further clarification.
  • You will begin your cycle instructions and follow up with everyone on the team to ensure things are going smoothly.
  • The goal is to retrieve as many eggs as possible from your ovaries, so the clinic can fertilize, and grow as many embryos to 5-day blastocyst stage and then freeze. In order to produce many eggs in one cycle, you will need to take several injections over a 11-14 day period to stimulate your ovaries to prepare many eggs for ovulation, instead of just the one egg you normally drop monthly. You will be monitored closely during the cycle time to make sure that you are responding well to the medication, and are healthy and safe.
  • When the eggs are mature enough, the clinic nurse will give the trigger injection that allows for those follicles to be released and retrieved by the doctor during the procedure.
  • The goal is to retrieve 10–30 eggs for embryo creation within 35 hours after the trigger injection. The timing is quite precise.

8. Egg Retrieval Procedure

The egg retrieval procedure is done under IV sedation and usually takes 30 minutes. You will be given some pain medication and will be conscious during the procedure, but shouldn’t feel anything. The room would simulate an OR that is sterile, but the retrieval is a non-surgical procedure. The ovarian follicles are drained, and eggs are drawn out of the follicles with a gentle suction from the help of ultrasound images and a special needle. It’s uncomfortable and can result in some cramping and feelings of pressure and bloating.

9. Post-Retrieval

You will need someone to drive you home or back to your hotel after the procedure. The sedation will make you feel a bit drowsy and you’ll need to rest for 24 hours. We encourage you to have someone stay with you. The nurses will ensure you have been medically evaluated before you are released from their care. As long as there are no complications, you can go back to your regular routine after a couple days. We will be following up with you each step of the way to ensure you are recovering well.


Apply now to find out if you Qualify

Fill out our online application and then we will set up a consultation
with our IVF Nurse Melanie Mitchell and Coordinator Angela Pickering to discuss your next steps in becoming an egg donor.

Apply Now

What to expect during your Egg Donor Intake Process with Melanie Mitchell?

  • Introduction of yourself. You’ll be asked to describe yourself in 5-10 words.
  • Discuss what motivated you to become an egg donor?
  • Discuss any previous donations if there are any.
  • Questions on what you may already know about egg donation.
  • Conversation about the commitment that is required, including medications, timeframe, travel, etc.
  • Review any blackout dates (dates not available to attend the clinic due to prior commitments)
  • Review medical questionnaire and application
  • Explain the process from start to finish – from matching to initial consultation with the clinic, to the procedure and beyond.
  • Review cycle monitoring, medication administration, procedure and risks .
  • Address any questions you may have.

Why choose us?

We set standards for how surrogacy and egg donation should be approached in Canada. Founder, Angela Pickering sits on an Ethics Committee with a team of professionals in the industry to ensure that the decisions made within her program are above reproach and do not compromise the integrity of her clients. The team at CSC and Evolution Eggs are always striving to offer the best resources, guidance, and support through every step of the process.

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