I have been blessed to have four wonderful children – Madelyn (9), Twins Emily and Carter (7), and little Cole (5). We live in a small community called Exeter, Ontario. Our household is an organized chaos and I love watching their little personalities unfold. Being a single Mom and a conscious parent to busy children has brought its challenges, but my life has been forever changed by the miracle that they are. I couldn’t imagine my life without them bustling around me. It’s this pure joy that originally brought me to surrogacy and ultimately to create my own consulting firm to help others.

My education is in Journalism, Psychology, and English. I have a passion for writing and theatre and had the privilege of doing both for years. It taught me a lot about public relations and dealing in social settings as a whole. I spent the past 15 years working within the social services and education fields, when I wasn’t at home raising my own children.  

It has been my dream for a long time to pave my own road in helping others and Canadian Surrogacy Community is how I’ve decided to spend my days finding deeper meaning in life. It can be so overwhelming for both Intended Parents and surrogates when they begin their research into third party reproduction. It’s vital to have someone help them navigate through each step of the way.