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How we are different

Angela (Founder & Director) is a three-time gestational surrogate from Exeter, Ontario who has given birth to two healthy baby boys. Angela worked as a surrogacy support and intake worker at another agency, as well as being involved in the surrogacy community for the past five years. She's built a network of friends and professionals in the industry and wanted to utilize that to help create families as a facilitator. She has an education in Psychology and English and has spent years working for the local school board helping students with behaviours and special needs.

Angela and her team bring direct experience of Canadian surrogacy from the perspective of a surrogate who values unity above all else. Surrogates and Intended Parents must come together to form a bond like no other, with trust, integrity, and faith. It's all an integral part of each journey. We understand and believe that great communication is key to a successful start, middle, and ending.

Angela's most recent journey was completed in September 2020 which gives her recent insight into the ups and downs of relationships and how to navigate through some of the stressors.

How are we different

The unique service Canadian Surrogacy Community is offering represents a collaboration of the needs of surrogates, egg donors, and Intended Parents individually. We are deeply motivated to bring the humanistic side back to surrogacy and dismiss the negative connotations within the word 'agency'. Too much history has shown a division between Surrogate and Intended Parent and over the years there has been a mind-set that each person must be represented in their own forum. Canadian Surrogacy Community is wiping the slate clean and offering a united front where surrogates and Intended Parents are never divided and can all come together in safe support groups, get-togethers, and celebrations throughout the process.

Angela spends her days taking care of surrogates, egg donors, and Intended Parents and assisting with the managing of all steps of the process. She is always connecting with new companies to provide resources to the people she supports.

She protects the integrity of her programs by practicing due diligence with everyone who applies. She has an intense pre-screening process that addresses all aspects of medical and psychological qualifications. While the team wants to help create as many families as possible, we are not willing to compromise the foundation of CSC or ethics to do so.

After five years in business, Angela has established successful programs and recently expanded her company and created the egg donor division – Evolution Eggs. She isn’t just the CEO of the company – she is the Project Manager who oversees all cases. She is the support and guidance for everyone in her program and vows to always be at the front of her company. It’s why Angela’s team is small – she doesn’t want to pass her clients around to several people. She believes in a personalized approach and wants to build relationships with all the people she helps.


Angela is a strong advocate for legislative change within Canadian law and is striving to consult with the current Liberal government to de-criminalize surrogacy and find a way to provide a safe, regulated way to commercialize surrogacy in Canada, so that neither Surrogate or Intended Parent are being taken advantage of. She has been vocal in the media since her surrogate journeys began and has a strategy and plan to present change and help implement what that change may look like for the future of Canadian surrogacy.

Our goal in establishing Canadian Surrogacy Community is the development and fostering of a community around surrogacy, creating harmony amongst surrogates with their Intended Parents, building relationships and providing means and ways to grow and develop those relationships.

The ongoing one-on-one guidance and support throughout your journey is critical, as well as providing true support through a surrogate support system, and meaningful sessions scheduled at relevant milestones throughout the surrogacy journey.

We provide referrals to reputable Fertility / Surrogacy Lawyers, IVF clinics, and psychologists. We have an IVF nurse that works with who is available to consult/advise surrogates and Intended Parents. She helps oversee clinical files and manage monitoring cycles and medical protocols. We have proven systems for self-managing surrogacy reimbursements whereby Intended Parents and surrogate easily handle expenses and do not require illegal third party involvement. We are here to provide comprehensive advice on how to deal with those tricky situations through pregnancy as well as providing ongoing resources. We don’t leave you to your own devices; we will be available for you when you need assistance and support. Our goal is to be at every birth created with our help and support. The euphoria I felt as a surrogate, giving life to another, is now being transferred to my role as a facilitator, and Canadian Surrogacy Community plan on doing everything we can to make each unique journey as smooth as possible.

Our Commitment 

Our guarantee to you is not just until you find a surrogate and then send you on your way. We are here with you for the entire duration of your journey because we believe in a process that is unique to what has been offered in the past. We passionately believe in the necessity of providing support and guidance in a confidential and safe environment, to the Intended Parent, and the surrogate and egg donor. It starts right from the beginning with a Skype or Facetime consultation so we can chat ‘in person’ about your particular situation and how we can help.

We work differently than other agencies in Canada. CSC does not initially charge fees for consulting we haven’t yet undertaken. We charge a one introductory flat fee for the specific service of support, referrals, profile-building, screening and consulting to help you get started on your journey.

Navigating the waters of infertility can be an intimidating process for many. We want to help alleviate those worries and answer any questions or concerns you may have towards surrogacy in general, but also discuss your own personal situation. Then we can assist in finding and mediating with the proper professionals who can benefit you the most.

Canadian law forbids us from ‘matching' surrogates with Intended Parents. We can however, provide a safe framework whereby we vigorously screen both surrogates and intended parents with the intention of building a profile which empowers you to find your surrogate or egg donor armed with all the information and support that you need. Finding your own surrogate through our agency is a free service. After you've found your surrogate and she has been screened by a counselor and clinic doctor, a second flat fee is due to hire Canadian Surrogacy Community as a support service for you and your surrogate for the duration of your journey. This includes everything you can imagine. Angela and her team will be mediating between lawyers/doctors/nurses before during, and after transfer in addition to monitoring medication cycles to ensure a surrogate is comfortable. Angela will be present for any appointments within Ontario clinics that the surrogate requests support and will be present during or after the births for all babies in all provinces. We are also available to help with any post-partum concerns either surrogate or Intended Parents have.

Not everyone that applies to our agency is eligible to join so we suggest submitting an application initially and then booking a consultation with Angela to discuss the specifics of your journey.

Fresh Start General Timeline for CSC Intended Parents