So the official talk with the children finally took place… Mommy read a story called the Kangaroo Pouch to the kids – mostly Maddy listened and asked questions while the twins jumped around acting silly. The story is all about kangaroos who can’t have their own babies so another Momma kangaroo carried the baby in her pouch till it gets bigger. It is a perfect story to explain surrogacy to young children. I talked to Madelyn (with some included discussion from the Intended Parents who were over to visit), and asked her if it would be okay for her Mommy to carry a baby in her tummy for Mommy’s friends. She immediately said yes! We talked about how they couldn’t have their own baby and how much they wanted a family. Madelyn is my loving child who never ceases to amaze me with her compassion and ability to give. She was onboard as quick as she could be. I am positive there will be discussions to come in the future and lots of questions, but for now – big success! Next week we have our last visit to the fertility clinic and I think I will bring Madelyn along for the experience. She can see the baby on the ultrasound screen and hear its heartbeat and hopefully that will encourage her to journey with me as we go through this as a family! I wish we all stayed as innocent and perfect as children!
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