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Surro Christine gave birth to a beautiful baby!
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Surrogacy : Families Creating Families, By Lisa B. Pot

CSC has been featured in an article in the north huron rural voice chronicle. In this article, Christine and Angela talk about the surrogacy journey and how amazing the experience is.

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Our 2018 Surrogate Retreat and Open House was a blast!
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Facing the Loss

Surrogacy, in all its beauty, can also be exteremly hard. Hard for the Intended Parents who are trusting another human being with their dreams and most precious piece of them. It’s hard for the Surrogate who has to do needles, take medications, possibly go through sickness etc. In some cases this can go as far as losses and failed transfers as well. I unfortunately just experienced this very hard side of surrogacy myself.


We’re here to help

Canadian Surrogacy Community offers support and services to the following:


Ever wonder how you could be a part of a higher purpose in life? Do you have a deep desire to always help others in need? Being a surrogate is nothing less than a miracle for people who cannot conceive a child by themselves. The experience will change your life forever.


Intended Parents

The pain of infertility is real no matter what the reason. Research regarding surrogacy can be confusing, daunting and disheartening. Let us answer all your questions and refer you to the top professionals in the industry who will assist with their part of your journey.

Egg Donors

Have you ever considered donating some of those beautiful parts of yourself to people in need? Many women aren’t so fortunate and for various reasons are unable to use their own eggs. Additionally, as the definition and face of the family changes with the inclusion of LGBTQ couples, the men from this community are always in need of amazing women to help them create life.

Let us be a part of your miracle

Canadian Surrogacy Community was founded on a belief that all individuals deserve a level of support that surpasses what was being offered. The struggles and grief that accompany infertility make every journey matter on an intimate level. You aren’t a number to us. We want to show you the benefit of finding a team of women who truly care about what you need as you move forward into surrogacy.

Angela is a two-time surrogate, and a Mom of four children. She’s embarking on her third journey as a surrogate and spends her days taking care of women who are kind enough to help others. It’s a circle of giving back, because the world is about making a difference in others’ lives. Angela travels to meet and provide support during medical procedures. She assesses and screens everyone to ensure a safe environment. She lends a hand when it’s needed in organizing and preparing every step of the journey. Surrogacy is where Angela was meant to be. She wants to help other women who search for guidance through a complicated and sometimes scary process.

You’ll receive a unique level of compassion and experience during the stressors and emotional stages of pregnancy. There is never any pressure to move quickly through any stage. You determine how the journey unfolds.

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Our Surrogacy Team

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Owner / Facilitator

Marcie Smith
Social Media Liaison

Melanie Mitchell
IVF Nurse Coordinator

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Graphic Designer

Christine Villeneueve
Surrogate Support