Mission Statement

We are advocates for the evolution of surrogacy in Canada. We empower you with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices. You have a voice.  As you pursue your dream of having a family, we recognize your individual journey and consciously design our programs to meet your needs. This community is a safe space to connect and grow together as we foster a foundation built on trust, respect and communication.

We believe in a humanistic approach. We laugh, cry and celebrate every milestone with you.  We are committed to the highest ethical standards. Transparency and truth are key components in the delivery of our services. We align ourselves with the fertility professionals who are innovators and who share our vision, values and commitment to the people in our care.

We are families building families. We are Canadian Surrogacy Community.

Women Who Empower

Canadian Surrogacy Community was founded on the belief that compassion, kindness, and support should be essential in all aspects of creating a family through surrogacy.  The struggles and grief that accompany infertility make every journey matter on an intimate level.  You aren't a number to us.  We want to show you the benefit of finding a team of women who truly care about what you need.  The programs designed in CSC have evolved through experience.  Constant growth is essential to improving and offering a superior level of care.  As a strong advocate of women's right, Angela believes that empowered women will choose to help others when they understand their own capacity.  She strives to connect and inspire Moms to believe the can make a difference.  Creating life for someone else has a ripple effect that never ends.

Let Us Be Your Beginning

The Creation of Canadian Surrogacy Community

"Life is a circle of giving back, because the world is about helping others. That's why we exist at all. I grew up as a "fixer" and I didn't really know what that meant until I began to empower myself to think outside the box and truly understand my strength as a woman, a Mother, and an entrepreneur. Canadian Surrogacy Community is how I've decided to spend my days finding deeper meaning in life."


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Angela Peeters, Founder and CEO


Ever wonder how you could be a part of a higher purpose in life? Do you feel a desire to help others? Was pregnancy a good experience for you? Being a surrogate empowers you to love and respect your body on a deeper level for the gift it can give. There are many people who need you.  Be their forever change.

Intended Parent

Research regarding surrogacy can be confusing, daunting and disheartening. We help project manage the entire journey. We know your story is unique and we value the path that has brought you to us. Our programs are designed to cater to your needs. Ultimately our goal is the same - holding your baby in your arms.

Infertility Support

The pain of infertility is real no matter what the reason. Are you struggling to feel a part of the medical process and want to look at new options? Do you want an advocate to help create a plan that best suits your needs? Let us answer all your questions, refer you to top professionals, and create a new path of hope.

Latest News

Congrats to Surrogate Kelsey

Birth of baby girl, Born November 23, 2020
Weighing 7lbs 10oz


Congrats to Surrogate Christine

Birth of baby boy, Born November 24, 2020
Weighing 6lbs 9oz


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